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Guide to Start the Game


I want to give a beginner and advance player some guide about shadowverse. In this page i want to introduce shadowverse and what is the most important thing to do at the beginning of your shadowverse journey (like how to be a proper player and how to manage resources in shadowverse).



Shadowverse CCG

Shadowverse is a online card game that have an interesting mechanic, its called evolution. For those of you who played this game for a while must know that. Shadowverse itself is a fair game in my opinion, maybe some people will say no, but for me its a really good game.

Second (Rupies, Ticket, Vials, and Crystal)


Rupies is the main form of currency in the game. It can be used to buy cardpacks,leader skin, and others(Join in arena,etc). Rupies is collectible from many ways such as: by completing daily quest, completing main story, winning practice mode with Elite+ difficulty, Daily login, etc. (Reasonable for beginners).


There are 2 forms of tickets. First is Arena Tickets and Second is Card Pack Tickets.

  • Arena Tickets are used to join arena matches (Take Two/ Open Six) or Grand Prix.
  • Card Pack Tickets are used to buy some card packs instead of using rupies.

Tickets are also collectible from Score Rewards, Daily login, and by event. Tickets are very useful for another way to get rupies (Arena Ticket).


Vials is a different form of currency in the game. Its used to create cards that you were missing or you don’t have.Not only that, it can be used to trade with seer globe (a thing that make your card animated). Vials can be obtain by liquefying a card.

Crystal is a paid form of currency in the game (Uses real money). It just a trash way to buy something unless you like shadowverse so much.

Why? Because what crystal can do is just the same thing that rupies can do (Rupies = Crystal). So why a cash item is equal to just a game money?. Thats easy, because in this game its only worth to use crystals to buy pre-built deck + limited leader (mostly). Other than that, you can use rupies instead of crystal.


Player Type

You have to know yourself before you play this game. Why? Because your preference can’t make you bored of this game. This are the player’s type in my opinion:

1. Rich Player

They who can easily spend their money to make his/her account have some resource in the beginning of this game (they purchase a lot of crystal, buy pre-built decks,etc). This one is ♥♥♥, because you don’t really need to have everything in beginning of this game. You can be The rich guy without spending any money in shadowverse.

2. Crazy Player

They who know how to make her/himself rich as much as possible. They roll (Delete account then make a new one) until get the “perfect roll”(Perfect roll is acc with 15+ legendary card that he/her got). Doing something to pay less and get more in this game. This one is the most recommended by me for beginners to start your shadowverse journey with smile, because to make a proper deck need to have some vials on beginning of this game.

3. Normal Player

They just play the game recently and they just play when their quest is appear, like once per day, play any feature in the game (like grand prix,etc). I don’t recommend this for beginning you playing this game, you will mad of this game 100% (why i don’t have enough vials or what the f**k is that card,etc), but if you know how the game works, being a “Normal Player” is very recommended.

Starting Move for Beginner

For beginner you can get a lot of rupies in the beginning of the game, do the story until done, if u can’t win against bot, use the prebuilt deck. don’t spend any resource you have to buy something.

Completing story mode u can get 3000+ rupies.

After done story, play practice with Elite+ difficulty bots and complete the achievement to get rupies, like before just use pre-built deck and try to win.

Completing all the achievement you can get 3000+ rupies.

After done practice, do the private match to get achievement to get rupies again, but you can repeat until 20x, if i correct. just lose is okay. effort you need is finding a person that can’t be the same, all u need is just everyone is different. if you don’t have any friends just ask in shadowverse discord, they will help you.

Completing this achievement you can get 2000 rupies.

After all of that maybe you can be rich people in one shot.

Money Circulation

Many of player who play shadowverse like saying “Why you so rich ?”, “Are you cheating ?”,etc. basically i would say i’m the best. Nah just kidding, it just you don’t know how to farm rupies in shadowverse.

In shadowverse you just need to “work”, what does it means is always login, do the quest every day, join the in-game event (grand prix, troupe, and treasure chest). If you do that u guarantee can get 10.000+ rupies every 1 expansion release.

Then if you want more, you just play in ranked match and get score point as much as possible, that can give you rupies, and other rewards. That all is just basic calculation that i can give to you, all is depend on how active and how much you get win in any in-game event and more rupies you can get from daily quest.

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