Awesomenauts – Derpl Guide

Includes detailed, basic and advanced Derpl techniques and mechanics, in addition to a build order and general explanation to help players better understand how to play as Derpl.

Introduction and Techniques to Derpl

Hello! Welcome back to yet another one of my in-depth Awesomenaut character guides! Today, I will be reviewing some of the basic and advanced tricks and techniques that you could use as a Derpl, and how they will work well with a build order that I will be providing. Note that this guide may include high level techniques and mechanics, so this is mainly focused on those who want to sharpen their skills, rather than those who need a starting guide. Although, I will be reviewing some basci Derpl knowledge that I believe that others should know. Lets hop in!

Basic Techniques and Tricks:

Dropping through bouncers: Derpl has the ability to drop through bouncers when in siege mode. This trick is very important and crucial for a good deprl player. Knowing the timing and the situation of when t drop down is byfar the most important part. Here is a video demonstrating how it works:

Breaking Swiggin’s anchor with Siege mode: Many peolpe dont seem to know this, though I believe its basic knowledge. When you are anchored by Swiggins, you can enter siege mode and it will break the current chain. This trick is best used when jumping onto a bouncer, then going into siege. Here is a video of showing the mechanics:

How to move and setup for a Derpl trap when Invisible: While you are invisible as Derpl, you role is not to immediately engage. Be patient, and wait for a good time to hit. You are mainly looking for a closed off area such as a tower where you will be able to set a snare, then immediately follow up with your main damage. Here is a video of me showing how I didnt use invis immediately, but waited until the other team chased my teammate and I knew that the enemy will walk into the snare.

Advanced Derpl Tricks:

PreNuking: Basically, PreNuking is to fire a nuke outside of siege mode by rapidly switching between modes. This gives you more mobility nukes and significantly more efficient ganking power. To preform this, you need to press right click (nuke button), then immediately, like immediately, exit siege mode. Here is a video that will show in more depth:

Standard PreNuke:

PreNuking with bouncer (harder):

Tips for PreNuking with bouncers: The main idea of PreNuking with bouncers is to land a nuke when they opponent least expects. Not only does this give you a viable burst, but will later help you setup for a teamkill. Here some are tips to try to follow to fire accurate shots:

Be sure to time your Nuke activation with your siege release. Consider this:

  • If you activate nuke faster before you un-siege, then your nuke will land at a sharper angle towards the ground (most of the time the nuke will go side to side).  
  • If you activate nuke delayed, as in un-siege at a slower time, then your nuke will be fired at a higher angle (most of the time the nuke will go from up to down). 

Here is an example of how a bouncer PreNuke should be applied in-game:

Anticipating/Luring enemy snare:

Anticipating: After a played gets snared, they usually have the urge to move, so they jump. Because the majority of players do not know how to properly juke, they will most likely run towards their tower. Knowing this, placing another snare right before, .1 to .2 seconds the snare ends, not .3 to 1 second, you will be able to caught them into another snare.

Luring: Luring an enemy into a snare is best done by either intentionally going in by yourself, taking unnecessary damage, and running away. Because a Derpl is not as mobile as some of the other nauts, when a Derpl charges into a teamfight alone it seems like an open kill. In truth, its a great oppotunity to snare trap someone by going in, then backing out. When you back out, the enemy team usually inch forwards to either chase you or deal poke damage. Here is a video showing what it somewhat looks like:

Now after reviewing some basic and advanced techniques that could be used as Derpl, lets review my personal build order which goes very well with the tricks above.

Derpl Build Order and How to Use

As I said in my other guide, I am not a fan of build orders due to their restricted upgrades. For example, if you were way behind on solar and you cant build fast enough for mid-late game, it makes it so you cant build on what you need to at that time. With that said, lets jump in!

My personal Derpl build order:

Awesomenauts - Derpl Guide

Fat Cat (Exploding Cat): Fat cat is byfar one of the best upgrades on Derpl due to its excellent range and damage. The range of the cat can be significantly boosted if you shot it at a very low angle, because it will bounce numerous times on the ground (thus increasing speed), while maintaining its life time. Fat cat is already insanely good with the bat costume, because the already high damage cat will deal 100% more damage, in addition to +34 damage from the kitty catsuit (Damage on AA). This is not considering the level damage scaling.

Silence and Snare duration early on: By getting extra silence and snare duration early on, not only can you secure kills, but it enables you to use your Fat Cat (exploding cat), then siege into a nuke, then exit and use Fat Cat once again.

Solid Fist missles: Personally, I found that the four missles that deal 60 damage at level 1, with a damage multiplier of 4, is great because it allows you to deal extra damage and guarantees at least 2 missles to hit when you nuke a snared enemy. If you were to snare them on a platform and your missle can hit a third, and perhaps a forth. Thats just a total of 240 damage just from going into siege mode and firing once. This can be substituted for shield, but not recommended. If you were to follow that path, its best to switch hollow point bullets siege AA shots, with Fist missles, then replace where the hollow point bullets were originally with the shield upgrades.

Sweet Syrup Bullets: I found that slow is especially good when securing kills against faster enemies such as Leon or Penny. Not only does it help others in teamfights by limiting their mobility, but it makes the enemy easier for a short period of time.

Strenghted Trap (Snare lifetime increase) substitution with Hydro Lava Lamp (Nuke Damage): This upgrade comepletely dependent on your own personal playstyle as a Derpl. I enjoy setting up snares on random locations and trying to force the enemy movements into them. So for me, more snare lifetime helps with more chances of luring or guiding into traps. For others on the other hand, enjoy the high burst of damage that comes with Derpl’s nuke. Either upgrade works, its just that if you are going for the nuke damage you may want to get that before hollowed point bullets.

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