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Krunker - SpawnTrapping Guide (for Nukes)

Written by Jaze   /   Feb 2, 2021    

Guide for SpawnTrapping



At this spot you can pixel shot people at when they spawn (require jump)

Remember to check your back, otherwise you will get shotgun'd by Guests


Hold the this ramp and your left corner then check your back constantly.

If you don't have direct sight of the spawn, players will start spawning behind you.


This trap requires you to moving left and right inorder to let the spawn next to you and the corner one work.

This is a common camp spot but there's too many places players can hit you so i don't recommend you use this.


You can use the highlighted corner to take cover when you holding one of the spawn (Sometimes players will get away).

Hide on the highlighted box and peek the spawn on the left or you can jump and prefires other spawn throught mid.


By peeking left and right, if no one spawns then you can check the spawn behind.

Some people will hide and run so you need you kill them to make the trap efficient.

This could be a good spot to camp but if there's high level player they'll just avoid you or have Peekers' Advantage


You can hold middle and elbow with this spot but there's a spawn next to you

So you need to jump onto the highlighted boxes to peek the spawn

2. This spot can keep farming this one spawn with pixel shot but people can peek you from long or around the corner so i don't recommend this one.


This spot can farm the spawn by the ocean but you'll get mow down from people at different angles.

So you'll need to check your behind if you want a nuke.


You can hide around the pillar to get the spawn on the left to work, for the Hut Spawn you can simply just wallbang the wood part.


You can camp in this tunnel and milk the spawn on the right.

There's also a spawn on your left so you'll need to check it if you don't wanna get shotgun'd.


You can camp the doorways with this spot but if they go rocketeer there's nothing you can do.

Tbh i think this spot is meant to be a spawntrap.

You can crouch down to make the spawn at the sewer work.


You can camp here but you have to check your back cuz there's a spot behind you.

This is a better spot for trapping.


Just check the spawns back and forth.

This could be a better spot but guests will just afk or runs away

Tips & Tricks

If you're here for the nuke, i suggest you just find a good lobby with no hackers or sweating stompers.

How to Counter Pros

If you have no pride, you can go crossbow or vince but you can't counter people at long range.

AK, Smg, Sniper, Rev are the best class to get nukes, just learn to hop better and camp.

You'll be a pub stomper in no time.

Written by Jaze.

Game:   Krunker