Spellbreak – How to Play Frostborn (Tips, Tricks, and Best Runes)

This guide is going to be all about playing Frost. In this guide you’ll learn the to-dos and not-to-dos, which runes to use and gauntlets that work best with this element!

Guide to Play Frostborn


Frostborn is all about sniping from a long to medium range. If you have decent aim, this should be the perfect class for you. You never want to get surprised from behind, if you do then you’ll have a disadvantage. Of course, you don’t need to snipe when playing Frost, however, the best way to start a fight with another player is to get a good hit on them with your bow. To deliver a more powerful attack, hold lmb [Left mouse button] and release when you think your going to get a clean shot. If you miss, however, then your at risk of dying. Since Frost would be your main, the ability that it has is that ice is formed along the area you shot. That means that enemies can easily find where you are by following the ice.

If you are forced into close-range combat, use the secondary attack. I’m gonna just call it an “Ice Cyclone” for now. If your opponent, or you, stays in the ice cyclone for too long then you’ll freeze. Once frozen, you can use that time to draw your bow back and deliver a possibly deadly blow. You can also use the ice cyclone to run away, as you’ll be long gone by the time they’re unfrozen.

Elemental Combinations ~ Which Gauntlets to Use

Of course, using Frost alone won’t work well. You’ll need a second gauntlet to help you! Below I’ll explain why and how to use each of the other gauntlets with Frost.


Using fire and frost will work, however, it could put you at a disadvantage. Fire melts the ice you create, which could work against you if your trying to fall back to a different area or run away. The helpful thing about this, however, is that when ice is melted by fire it creates a sort of smokescreen. You can also cover your tracks by melting the trail of ice your trying to use to run away. When combined with a Wolf’s Blood rune, you can create a wall of fire and snipe through it, although this won’t work out if you aren’t the best shot.


Poison is good to use if you want to get a good place to snipe from. After throwing the secondary poison attack, or the “Gas Bomb”, you can then freeze it with a shot from your arrow. You can use this to place a platform anywhere you want on the map, and possibly gain an advantage. However, if your opponent is using a fire gauntlet, then they can blow up your frozen gas cloud. Another advantage to using poison and frost is that, if need be, you can engage in close range combat and still deal a lot of damage.


The only advantage to wind in this situation is that you can draw your opponent to a certain area using your tornado attack which can help you get an accurate shot. However, the tornado doesn’t deal any damage, and frost attacks don’t combine with it. Along with that, wind chakrams fire fast, so you can deal quick damage with a higher accuracy.


This is pretty good for when things get close-ranged. The strategy with this that I found is to create an ice cyclone to get my opponent frozen, then kill them with the earth attacks. Out of all of the elements, I believe earth deals the most damage.


As you might know from my previous guide, Conduit is my second favorite gauntlet to play. I’ll be making a guide on how to play it next if you guys want it. Anyways, lightning is the best secondary gauntlet to use in my opinion. You can shoot your ice with lightning to stun anyone that goes near it, freeze your enemies then hit them with a giant lightning strike, or even just hit your enemy with a drawn back ice bow while they’re stunned and deliver a fatal blow.

Runes ~ Which 5 I Recommend

In the final section of this guide I’ll be telling you the 5 runes I recommend to use with Frostborn.

Wolf’s Blood

This one is no doubt the best to use when sniping. Wolf’s Blood marks your opponent(s) so you can see them better from afar. All you need is some high ground and bam, you’ll get quite a few kills.


Invisibility is pretty good too because you can travel across open areas without being seen by threats. You can also escape, confuse your enemy and heal without being seen.


It’s pretty obvious why this is here. With flight, you can loot places like towers quickly, run from fights and gain some much-needed high ground.


For this rune, you might be a little confused as to why it’s here. I put it on this list because in order to place the ice cyclone, you need to get right next to your enemy. When inside the ice cyclone, you are slowed down. You’ll need that extra boost from shadowstep to get away in time and start attacking your enemy again.


I once thought that this rune was useless, but I see now that I was wrong. Chronomaster runes are pretty useful when you want to get behind an enemy or run away. If someone is chasing you, activate your chronomaster rune and when it puts you back to where you were before, then you should be behind the person that was chasing you, giving you an advantage.

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