Iron Harvest – Guide to General Basics

This guide will cover openings, current meta, and other things I find important or helpful. These are core basics that I feel are important for players to get better and get comfortable with the game. Once you feel you have a good grasp and understanding of these core basics I encourage people to experiment and play around with things.

General Basic Guide

Stuff to Know

This will be a list of things people tend to not know or forget when playing, that may hinder their ability to play or enjoy the game. Such as getting annoyed that when you retreat a mech it will reveal rear armour and soak up a ton of unneeded damage, general hotkeys that slip the mind, etc…

Stuff To Know

  • Terminology:
    R1 – Reserve 1
    R2 – Reserve 2
  • Helpful “Game & UI” setting to have turned on

  • Resources are vital in every game, make sure to upgrade your resource nodes. This can be done by clicking the node and simply pressing f or manually pressing the upgrade button on the hud.
  • Unit conservation is just as vital as resources, hit r and retreat before a squad dies ( be generous to yourself and retreat at around 25% health. Another way to keep units alive is use cover and avoid too much blobbing.
  • Try to avoid base repairing if you can as it cost (roughly 3x more than if you were to repair with an engineer squad).
  • Reverse movement for mechs, retreating mechs tend to be extremely unfavourable in many situations. To reverse mechs hold c and movement click (right click).
  • Back capping, this is a great to disorient and distract many players and allow yourself to engage on multiple fronts.


Timing of reserves:

  • R1 (Fast): 5:00 – 6:00 mins
  • R1 (Late): 6:00 – 8:00 mins
  • R2 : 8:00 – 11:00 mins


Fast R1

  • Start by capturing double iron, then oils. Followed by collecting oil crates (and nodes near crates), get five fighting infantry (vanguard, storm trooper, and riflemen) and an engineer.
  • Upgrade a single iron mine then build R1 once you can.
  • After building R1 upgrade your other nodes.


  • Start by capturing double iron, then oils. Collect oil crates (and nodes near crates), get five fighting infantry (vanguard, storm trooper, and riflemen) and an engineer.
  • Upgrade both iron mines as soon as you can.
  • Upgrade oil pump after getting six infantry.


Reserves (Meta)

Reserves will serve as spike in power that allows you to push an enemy, retake map control, or at times counter the enemy entirely. R1 will usually be used to gain an early advantage against the enemy by pushing hard and holding map control, but can fall short if you forget to transition into heavier mechs. While R2 will serve as “comeback” from a hard R1 push allowing you not only retake map control but hold points mid to late game.

Meta Reserves

Reserves (Off-Meta)

These are builds that I or others have experimented with and created that are somewhat viable.

Off-Meta Reserves

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