Chernobylite – Useful Speedrun Tips

How to complete the game in only a few hours.

Tips to Complete the Game Fast

Note: The Heist Mission is not yet available in Early Access.


Some general thoughts

  • This guide is not for players who are new to this game.
  • You have to know all missions, all possible decisions and how to avoid or win fights.
  • You should know the typically spots of NAR soldiers, their patrol paths and their behavior.
  • Only concentrate on the main goals of the missions and do the missions in the right order.
  • You have to give up everything what consumes time: Crafting, Base Building, Modifying Weapons, Training with companions, Search the zone for resources.

Concrete Game Plan

Base Building

  • You need only one bed (and a worktable, because this is needed for the bed). I’m pretty sure it works without these items, too. But if your companions leave you from time to time because they must sleep in the mud, you have to travel through the time tunnel to get them back. Building one bed takes much less time.
  • By not building a base, you don’t have to care about comfort, power, radiation and air quality. Gathering the required resources takes a lot of time.
  • Note: If a companion complains about sleeping in the dust he might leave you. After a visit in the timetunnel all companions are back at your side.


  • You don’t need any crafting tools.


  • There is a pumpgun and a calibration tool in a closed room in the large machine room at Moscow Eye. You need a lockpick. You can get one from the locksmith or craft one by yourself (This is an exception for crafting…). The so upgraded pumpgun should be sufficient.
  • You don’t need an (upgraded) AK. (But if I’m right somewhere in the zone is an upgraded AK, too.)


  • When you get lucky and find one in the corpses, use it. But don’t spend time for searching for plates. This armour is just a cheap bonus.
  • I did not have that luck – it’s no problem.


  • Select a food gathering mission as your first mission.
  • Send your companions to food quests, if possible.
  • There are some spots in the zone where you can find food regularly. If these spot are near your way take a look there.
  • If you run low on food, don’t use it for yourself – use alcohol for compensation (Dear children, please do not copy!).


  • Just go for the main goals – no side quests, no gathering of resources, no chatting.
  • Looting of corpses: you will need a decent amount of ammo and some healing resources (alcohol, antirad, first aid pack – or their smaler versions: the basic medicine soups).


  • Start with Olivier, do all of his quests, release him.
  • Then repeat: do a recruiting quest for one companion, complete all of his missions and release him.
  • Choose Tarakan as last companion, because you don’t need him for further missions.
  • Some missions are not available in this first round. Let yourself being killed in the zone. That way you enter the time tunnel. Resolve all conflicts, leave the tunnel and all companions are with you again. Now there are only 2-3 quests left.
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