RuneScape – Druidic Ritual Quest Guide

This guide contains a full video, multiple images and text fully written by me.

How to Complete Druidic Ritual Quest

Quest Intro

This is a Free Quest!

  • Quest Name: Druidic Ritual
  • Quest Difficulty: Easy!
  • Quest Starter location: Stone circle north of Taverly, at the “Ewean’s Grove”. Talk to Kaqemeex.
  • Quest Length: Short!
  • Quest items Needed: Coins (Chisel and fishing rod are on your toolbelt).
  • Quest Reward: 4 Quest Points, 250 Herblore XP, 15x Noted Guams and Eye of Newts (To make attack potions).

Quest Guide

Talk to Kaqemeex at the stone circle in taverly. (Ewean’s Grove on the world map).

He will tell you that you need to brew a potion to perform a ceremony to gain Guthix’s favour in the war against the trolls. Accept his request to start the quest and he will tell you that you need to speak to Sanfew in Taverly (South of the Stone Circle).

He will tell you that you need to bring him 3 different ingredients. 1x a Vial of Living Water, 1x Wyrmwood and 1x stone scales from Stone Fish.

Vial of Living Water

There is a cave in between the South Circle and Sanfew’s Hut. You can find this cave next to the lake and enter the cave.

Walk all the way south until you have found a little spring and fill your Vial up with living water.


Walk all the way south from the Sanfew and follow the path until you see a wheat field.

Wyrmwood can be found at the little garden plot next to it.

Stone Fish / Scale

Can be caught at the little fishing spot next to the wheat field.

Use your chisel on the Stone fish in order to obtain the Fish Scale.

Once you have obtained all 3 items, make your way back to sanfew and give him the ingredients so he can make the potion for you. A cutscene will be played here for you to watch.

Your quest will be completed once the cutscene has ended.

You can watch the full video here:

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