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Krunker - Basic Movement Guide (Strafe, Walljump, Slidehop)

Written by Ricko'   /   Updated: Feb 3, 2021    

A simple guide on how to strafe, walljump, and slidehop.

Guide to Strafe, Walljump and Slidehop


The first step in being good at Krunker movement is strafing, it's quite simple and easy!

The only thing you have to do to strafe is press "A" or "D". Those keys make you move sideways which is great for dodging bullets!


Walljumping is very easy and very helpful in a variety of situations, it can only be used on a few classes though. The Run And Gun class is one of them. To walljump, run up to a wall and put yourself against it then jump! You just preformed a walljump!


The most crucial source of movement in Krunker is slidehopping, it's the way you can zoom around the map. It can be used with any class. What you have to is jump while holding W and when you hit the ground hold your crouch button to drift, then keep repeating til you fly across the map. It's very easy to learn but hard to master. Keep practicing and you should get the hang of it!

Written by Ricko'.

Game:   Krunker