RuneScape – Ernest The Chicken Quest Guide

How to Beat Ernest The Chicken Quest

Quest Intro

This is a Free Quest!

  • Quest Name: Ernest The Chicken.
  • Quest Difficulty: Easy!
  • Quest Starter location: Outside of Draynor Manor. Talk to Veronica.
  • Quest Length: Short!
  • Quest items Needed: None.
  • Quest Reward: 4 Quest Points, 3000 Coins, 10 Eggs and 300 Feathers.

Quest Guide

Talk to Veronica who is outside of Draynor Manor.

She will tell you that they were lost and that Ernest were going inside of the Draynor Maynor to ask for direction but hasn’t returned yet. Accept her request to help her and then go inside of the Draynor Maynor.

Climb up the staircase and then climb up the ladder next to the staircase. Enter the room at your east and talk to Professor Oddenstein.

He will tell you that Ernest has turned into a chicken and can’t turn him back into a human since his machine is broken and it requires 3 pieces to fix it. He will tell you that you need to find the Pressure Gauge, Rubber Tube and Oil can which can be found in and around Draynor Maynor.

Climb down the ladder and go all around the staircase.

You will see 1x ghost (level 25) in a room and next to the ghost is some Fish Food. Grab the Fish Food and climb down on the staircase.

Go through the first room West and then immediately go North to be in a bigger room.

Go through the door at your West side again and you will see a kitchen stove next to you and go through the south door and grab the Poison.

Oil Can

If you are infront of the staircase, Go west to be in a living room and then search the Candle sconce to open a hidden doorway.

Climb down the trapdoor and you will be in a puzzle looking gate mini-maze. Warning: Your progress will reset if you climb up the ladder again.

Once down there,

  • Pull UP Lever A (Green) and B (Red), this will open the north door and go through it.
  • Pull the Lever D (Yellow) UP to open 2 more doors.
  • Go back the previous room and pull down lever A and B and then go through the North-West Door, then West Door and then North Door.
  • Pull UP lever F (Orange) and E (Purple) and then go through both of the East doors and pull UP lever C (Blue).
  • Go back through both of the West doors and pull down lever E (Purple).
  • Go back to the main room where you can find lever A and B and the gate with the Oil Can is open for you to pick it up. Leave this room once you have picked up the Oil can (yes i have said this twice on purpose).

Pressure Gauge + Key

Go outside of Draynor Manor and walk to the West side around the manor to find a small garden. Search the Compost heap to find the key that you will be needing for later and then from there walk South to find a Fountain (West of Veronica).

Use your poison with your Fish food to make poisoned fish food and pour this into the Fountain.

Search the Fountain and to find the Pressure Guage. Go inside of Draynor Maynor again.

Rubber Tube

After obtaining the key (Which can be done by following the Pressure Gauge above), Stand infront of the staircase and go through the East door and then walk North. You will see a little room (behind staircase) with a skeleton inside. Go through that door and grab the Rubber Tube.

Once you have obtained all 3 items, climb all the way up again and talk to Professor Oddenstein to give back his items and you will complete your quest!

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