Blood of Steel – Godfrey 80 Kills Guide

Godfrey is a hero in BoS that only costs 7800 silver so is very affordable to all new players! Plus points? He is a lethal killing machine when used correctly!

Guide to Godfrey Hero

All credit goes to matchbox!

Hero Basics

Godfrey – Zealot swordsman is a Melee hero with Sword. Secondary weapon is axe throwing.

Hero has 24 troops with high dmg output like Godfrey.

  • Skill 3 Zeal: 10 sec increase movement speed and attack of Godfrey + Troops.
  • Passives 1: Increase attack power for 2 seconds when Godfrey lands attack with sword.
  • Passives 2: Refresh Zeal instantly when Godfrey kills an enemy.

Hero Gameplay

Due to Godfrey only having 24 troops vs other Infrantry heroes such as Ceasar, LingTong, Diao Chan with 40 Troops total – do not clash head on with these infantry.

Always treat Godfrey and his troops as your precious little ones. In sports, we say Godfrey and troops are all offense no defense.

  1. Ideal fights to take for Godfrey are when the main battle has already started and Godfrey and troops come in to flank the opponent.
  2. Remember Zeal (skill “3”) last 10 seconds, so you can activate zeal for a bit of movement speed to approach your target (archers that are not watching always the best!) and quickly kill an enemy to refresh Zeal again.
  3. One mistake Godfrey players often do is refusing to disengage from big battles. Sometimes, it is worth to sacrifice a few troops in order to save the other 20! Get out of battle and try to find better flanking sides to quickly kill opponents.
  4. Lastly, the biggest weakness of Godfrey is defense from archers afar and Cavalry that likes to hit and run. Hence why is it important to not show yourself until battle starts when opponent archers / cavalry are occupied with your team.
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