Neverwinter – Rothe Valley Quest / Venfithar

Here is a guide for the Rothe Valley Quest Venfithar.

Rothe Valley Quest – Venfithar

This quest is picked up from Thar GreenBough in Rothe Valley.

Location Map

I often see people following the path to get to the dragon.

It is far quicker to take this following shortcut.

Fighting Venfithar

  • Bite – An attack to the front.
  • Claw – An attack to the front.
  • Lightning Breath – Long Range AOE in a cone shape from Venfithar, the further away from the dragon you are the more chance you have of being affected by the chain lightening, even if you’re outside of the cone, this attack does a large amount of damage.
  • Tail Lash – An attack to the rear, will send you flying.
  • Thunderclap.
  • Wing Buffet – Circlular AOE, this does a large amount of damage and will send you flying.

The best way of attacking any dragon is from the side and dodging all red AOE attacks.

With the Lightning Breath it is far easier to dodge it the closer you are the Venfithar.

Generally speaking it does not take long for a mob to arrive for Dragon kills, if you cannot solo a dragon, then it might be a good idea to wait until more players arrive.

Quest Rewards

Dragon Kill Rewards

The most common rewards are shown below.

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