Neverwinter – Worker Recruitment Guide (Stronghold Quests)

This is a guide for the Stronghold Quest – Worker Recruitment. Here you will find locations and explanations for the quest.

Guide to Worker Recruitment

Stronghold Quest – Worker Recruitment

This daily quest can be picked up at LvL 20 from The Builder in your stronghold or any alliance stronghold.

It is a very straightforward quest of talking to NPC’s in The Driftwood Tavern in Protectors Enclave and doesn’t take very long to complete.

Once you talk to The Builder you will be offered the following quest.

Click accept and go to Protectors Enclave to complete it.

Location Map

Driftwood Tavern

Once in the Tavern you want to be looking for NPC’s that have the diamond icons above their heads as shown in the following picture.

You talk to them and press 1 or click the dialogue to recruit them.

Five of them will be dotted about the tavern, the locations that they spawn are random but they’re not too hard to find.

Here are the general locations in the tavern that you’ll find them at.

Quest Rewards

Once you have completed this quest you return to The Builder in your stronghold and cash in the quest for the following rewards.

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