The Escapists 2 – Centre Perks 2.0 (Meet the Crew / Escape on Day 1)

A guide for how to complete Centre Perks 2.0, Meet the Crew escape, as well as how to use it to escape on day 1.

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The Meet The Crew Escape

To complete the “Meet the Crew” escape for Centre Perks 2.0, you must acquire a civilian outfit, the makeshift microphone thing, and then you can waltz out the front door whenever you damn-well please. To acquire the microphone, you need to craft it using a broom, duct tape, a radio transceiver and 50+ intellect. Finding the broom and duct tape are as simple as looting them from various areas throughout the prison, and the 50+ intellect is also as easy as training at a bookshelf. To find the radio transciever, you must go up to the second floor, and find the set of rooms where the film crew are set up near the stairs at the top-middle section of the prison. If you go into the room with a desk (Not the empty one with the empty desk southwest of that), you will find BOTH the radio transceiver and the civilian outfit every single time. Now that you have all the required materials and objects, you may simply walk out the front door at the northern end of the prison, and escape by interacting with it. If you have followed all these instructions, then it is more than likely you will successfully escape.

The room containing the prerequisite outfit and radio doohicky…

The Escapists 2 - Centre Perks 2.0 (Meet the Crew / Escape on Day 1)

…And its location on the map (The red arrow signifies its position).

The Escapists 2 - Centre Perks 2.0 (Meet the Crew / Escape on Day 1)

Escape on Day 1!

To escape on day 1, it is as simple as using the meet the crew escape method, but doing it all within one day. This is very simple and easy as the pre-requisites are easily aquirable, and the vast amount of free time given within one day are more than enough to successfully complete this.

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