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Cold Depth - 100% Walkthrough and Achievement Guide (Demo)

Written by beaker   /   Feb 6, 2021    

Guide to 100% the demo.

Complete Walkthrough Guide


This is an achievement guide and walkthrough in one. There may be spoilers so don't read on if you don't want spoilers obviously.

You'll need 2 playthroughs:

  • First: Don't put on the suit, (can't hack without the suit either), waste the fish, main ending.
  • Second: Put on the suit, use the fish for power, hack something, secret ending.

Here we go.

First Playthrough

Once you get out of the sub, you'll be in the room with the basketball ring. We'll be back here in a minute. Go into the room next door. This room has 3 things in it - the Driver suit, the Tablet and the Inventator. For this playthrough pick up the Tablet and Inventator but do NOT touch the Driver suit.


  • Do not wear a driver suit.

So long as you don't touch that Driver suit you'll get this when we finish the demo.

Now go into the room opposite the window and there will be a chair with the basketball on it. Pick the ball up and go back out to the basketball ring.

Born for Basketball

  • Score 999 points on the basketball scoreboard.

999 sounds like a lot but it goes really fast the way we are going to do it. What you want to do is hold the basketball the entire time - the ball will not leave your hand - for all 999 shots. The trick is the ball doesn't need to go all the way through the hoop to score, only a tiny part of the ball needs to enter the hoop. So, you want to hold the ball above the hoop, and move the mouse up and down above the hoop quickly with small efficient movements for about 5 minutes and you will have 999.

While you were getting 999 points did you notice the little fish next to the ring? That's because to unlock the fish's room you need to "win" basketball which takes 10 points. You've done that, so go back into the room you found the basketball and the other door that was previously locked is now unlocked, go in there and grab the fish.


  • Throw the dope fish into the pool.

Head back out to the basket ball room and drop the fish in the water (what a waste!).

We are done out here, so move through the only door you haven't been through yet into a room crowded with lockers. Go through this useless room into the next. The snowmen are cute but there is no achievements involving them so move on. You have to topple the boxes out of your way to get through the door.

We are in the main reactor room now. As you walk into the room, on your left is Industry, on your right is Packing, straight ahead is Recycling. You need to interact with the monitors, click to Stop the reactor, then to open the reactor. Take out the dead red core. Go into the Packing room and pick up the white core and put it into the reactor. Close the reactor by clicking on the screens. Before starting the reactor we need to enable recycling (turn off living area if you need more power anytime, you won't need to go back there). Go into Recycling.


  • Disintegrate more than 10 items.

In Recycling you want to plug in your Inventator and open the machine. Drag any object you can carry in there and disintegrate it. Do this a bunch of times until you get this achievement.


  • Add more than 15 items into inventator.

With a bit of luck you'll get this one around the same time, if not do a few more things.

Make sure you disintegrate that dead red reactor core too, its loaded with useful parts. Grab your inventator before you leave.

Now go back out into the Reactor room. Stop reactor, switch off whatever you need to in order to power up Industry. Go into Industry. Interact with the broken door switch. Go over to the machine in this room, chuck your inventator in, power up the machine and make a new door control panel. Drag it out over to the door.

Go through the door, and the next "hot" room, and the next pointless room, until you reach another door that is broken. Backtrack to the Industry room, print a new door control and head back to the broken door to make it work again. Now backtrack to the reactor. Switch off everything you can but make sure you have elevator AND exit powered up. (At the time of writing you can get stuck if you do elevator without exit so don't do that). Walk back through the 2nd door you fixed, up the elevator, walk through the linear path to the end.

As bright as a button

  • Finish outpost zero with main ending.

You will get this achievement and at the same time Nudist for not wearing the suit.

Second Playthrough

Let's mop up what's left, it's going to be quick.

When you grab the Tablet and Inventator, grab the Driver Suit too this time.

Play basketball quickly to "win" by getting a score of 10.

Go towards the main reactor, dragging the boxes out of the way.

Go back and get the Dope Fish and take it into the Reactor room.

Green energy

Open the Reactor, take out the dead core, put the Dope Fish into the reactor. Turns out it's more powerful than the actual reactor core - nice.

Power up/down whatever you need to as you play. But first make sure you power up Recycling.

Go into the Recycling room, recycle the dead core for mega parts.

Drag the box off the desk and a blue and a green vial will fall out.

Go into the Reactor room and power up Packing.

1 by 1 take the green and blue vials into Packing, and use the machine in there to store the vials inside your Inventator.

Go into Reactor room, power down packing/recycling and power up Industry.

Do the door control panel. Make sure you grab your Inventator to take with you, we'll need it for hacking!

Go through the next room, the hot room, the useless room and into the room with the 3 lockers. Open the locker closest to the door to get a hack device.


  • Use a hack device.

Hack the locker in this room. How does hacking work? Good question, it kind of just works without doing much. But I think you have to get the 2 numbers at the top close to each other by taking either adrenaline or sedative. Then on the radar ping you just seem to click it I think and that's enough. It's not very clear how it works but it seems to just happen by itself mostly thankfully.

There is a door control here to save us time. Put it on the door.

Nosy parker

  • Finish outpost zero with secret ending.

Do not go up the elevator it is a point of no return. Instead drag the 2 boxes in the corner out of the way to reveal a switch and crawl space. Go through the crawl space into a nasty medical room. Interact with the switch thing on the wall in here and the screen will fade to black.

Written by beaker.

Game:   Cold Depth