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K.O.M.A - Hints and Solutions

Written by unwaveringresolve   /   Feb 8, 2021    

This guide provides quick answers if you're stuck.

Useful Hints and Solutions


This is a quick and poorly edited guide to the puzzles in Koma. Warning! The guide contains alot of spoilers.


Objective - find four fuses to turn the lights on, then a key to open a door.

  • Under the reception desk.
  • In a potted plant in the reception area.
  • Under a tray by the fallen cart.
  • In the firehose cabinet.
  • Check behind the painting of a key in reception.


Objective - Enter a number combination into the radio to get the key to the next door.

There are 4 numbers scattered around the room, with vague hints implying what order they should be entered in.

  • In a box on the chair - 76.
  • Written onto the yellow and blue bottles in the cabinet - 54.
  • Written on the letter on the desk, visible when the lamp is on - 92.
  • Written in a weak cipher on the stack of papers on the desk beneath the big stamp - 102.

Order of numbers:

The order of numbers is shown by the 4 shapes on the clue note. The "76" is in a rectangular object, so that goes first. One of the "54" bottles has a triangle on the underside, so that goes last. I had to brute force the last two, but IIRC the final order was 76, 92, 102, 54.


Objective: Find matching colored ring caps for each of the test tubes.

  • In the trashcan.
  • In a box on one shelf.
  • Behind the line of bottles on another shelf.
  • Already on the stand, just move it to the right color.
  • In the cabinet with the clue note.
  • In one of the drawers.


This one has two parts:

Objective 1: Turn all the lights on.

There are three switches on the wall by the door. When you flick them in the right order, the three lights on the wall will light up.

  • right, left, right, middle, left, right.

Objective 2: Use the TV to figure out the combination to open the last door.

You'll notice that suddenly there's a dial next to the door across the hall from the room you're in. You operate it like safe dial to open the last door.

  • The TV and the clock on the wall together tell you the combination.
  • First, turn off the lights again.
  • Turn the TV dial to change the channel.
  • On channels 1, 2, and 3, you'll see an arrow pointing at a different number on the clock.
  • Use the numbers on the dial in order by channel - 1, then 2, then 3.
  • 7, 4, 9.

Then enjoy one more jumpscare, and you're done.

Written by unwaveringresolve.

Game:   K.O.M.A