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Lab Craft Survival - How to Get Food in the First Days

Written by Dorime   /   Feb 8, 2021    

Guide to Get Food


Hello little survivor. If you want to survive your early days in the lab, you'll need to get some food. In this guide, you will learn how to:

  • Get the apples.
  • Steal honey.
  • Knock oranges from trees.
  • Collect strange berries.
  • Dig eggs of ants and more.


First rule, you need to remember: all you try to eat should lay on floor. So if you took food into your inventory - drop it (key [Q]) then eat it (key[E]).

Second rule: Almost all items, plants and other little things in game you can eat, but we talk today only abot food. Food for us its all things which give satiety,health and water for us. Other items in game will give you X-matter, V-matter and other matteria for recreating items. There are many different types of food in the game, but here we will consider only a few starting ones. Okay. Now we can start our guide.


All plants which grow or lay you can eat. Besides satiety, most herbs are a medicine and cure various diseases. Therefore, it is not only possible to eat, but also necessary. However, only when necessary. If your character does not have any diseases, then it is better to leave the plants for later. There are many different plants in the game, and some of them are poisonous, so be careful with them. Raw mushrooms are best avoided if there are other food options, but if you are hungry and there are no other options, then you can eat a couple of raw mushrooms.


These wonderful fruits will come in handy not only in life, but also here. There are three types of them in the game, and each of them is very useful. To collect them, simply stand under the hanging apple and left-click. Voila, now you have an apple, toss it on the floor and eat it. Rare apple varieties restore much more characteristics.


Still a safe way to get some food is to pick a few berries. It's easy to do, go to the bush, move the mouse over it and right-click. That's it, you've picked the berries. Don't worry, there will be more in a few in-game days. These berries have different properties, but the most important for us right now is satiety, so let's just eat them.

Tree Beetle

This beetle is one of the few bugs which you can safely eat without killing it. Sometimes it crawls out of the trees. The main thing is not to confuse it with ticks. Ticks, unlike the tree beetle, are not so much friendly and will happily crawl under your skin.


You may have already tried to pluck it from the tree, but it failed. Do not worry, now these unattainable fruits will become easily available to you. All you need to get them is to take any stone, move the cursor towards the orange and throw it with the right mouse button.

Of course, doing this with a boomerang is much more convenient. But the stone copes with this task easily. There is only a small risk of breaking the orange.

Bees and Sweet Honey

A beehive can be found on some trees. Bees diligently produce the honey we need. To get it, we will need to go to the hive, right-click on it, honey will drop out under the hive, so left-click to pick it up from under the hive. Then just be patient while the guardian bee sticks a couple of bites in you. Be sure to make sure you have more than 5 health units before this procedure. Having bitten a little, the bee will lag behind you, and you can safely eat the extracted honey.

Ant Eggs

If all of the above options do not suit you or you urgently need to cook a couple of ant eggs for your guests, then this option is for you. All you have to do is walk up to the anthill, right-click and struggle to escape the ant protecting the anthill. If the ant is distracted by a leaf or something else, it will forget about you. And you will have a delicious ant egg, which also removes poison.


Hopefully these methods will help you eat a little at first. There are others like farming, hunting, crafting, etc. But here we covered a few basic ones that will help you start surviving. And remember, if you cannot eat something, you must kill it first. Happy experiment friends.

Written by Dorime.