Phantasy Star Online 2 – Revelle Lavere

Revelle Lavere

A young woman whose family was slain by Darkers when she was a child.

Found in the far right of the Gate Area, near the window. Issues Client Orders in regards to the subjugation of Darkers.

Lavere / Revelle usually wants you to defeat Falspawn enemies, or clear some quests (that usually have lots of Falspawn enemies) within some time limit.

Generally every exploration quest will have some form of Falspawn. When selecting a quest there should be something like “View Quest log” on the dropdown menu, and you can see the names and %’s of what enemies are defeated there.

Other times you might want to check the last Arks quest in an area. Like the last Seabed Arks quest that has a Dekor Maryuda at the end will have some Falspawn throughout it, same for Daybreak Province’s quest with Anjadeurili, Nightfall Province’s quest with Kodotta Idihta. Even the Abandoned mines quest with Vardersoma I think has some on the first screen. One of the rarer Falspawn might be Predicahdr and or Dicahdr in the Dragon Altar quests. Time Trials and or Advanced quests in those areas may work too.

If any of those are quests you might not have, do Client Orders from Cofy on the rightside of the quest counter, or just do some Arks quests, but I think she should have some Client Orders if anyone does.

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