Unturned – Yukon Survival Guide (Vanilla)

So basicly this guide will help you Survive in Yukon.

How to Survive in Yukon

Step 1. Gettin’ Started

First thing you need to do is to find clothes. No matter if its a plaid shirt or a hoodie. Try to go to any camp or to whitehorse. Its importmant to find tools like chainsaw or pickaxe. Next thing is to get a campfire since it can keep you warm in blizzards. If youre on multiplayer server this is very easy to find.

Step 2. Building a Base

Building a base is importmant if you want to survive for long. Unless you are on a pvp server you are fine to build with wood. Beacuse mostly people can grief your base overnight. You can make a 1×1 hut with a campfire , a bed , and some crates to make as an temponary place to stay in. After you build your base. Collect the stuff from the hut and place it in your base. Also build a campfire. I recomend trying to get the pump jack and a generator , since there are very little amount of fuel around the map.

Step 3. Making Friends

If you want to survive in these harsh conditions , it would be good to get some friends. Since most of people are friendly in yukon its gonna be somewhat easy. But dont expect it to work everytime , since some people cant help themselfes.

Step 4. The Good Loot

Best bets of getting a good gun or good loot is:

  • Mega Zombies – if you are lucky they can drop attachments to the gun , pdw , alicepack , Military Nightvision , Military drum mag and a gps. They spawn on a overturned ship,Off Limits and a crashed skycrane.
  • Horde beacons – these are really hard to craft for a reason. They can drop a mount of good loot such as lmgs, sniper rifles and much more with also ammo for them (but not for every of them keep that in mind).
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