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SpellForce 3 - Dat Doe, Though Achievement Guide

Written by Jen'Ari   /   Feb 9, 2021    

Detailed guide for the Dat Doe, Though Spellforce 3 achievement.

Dat Doe, Though Achievement

You were killed by peaceful wildlife.

This secret achievement is an Easter egg and can be obtained only under specific circumstances. Here are the exact steps to reproduce it.


It can be obtained in any difficulty.


You can do it on the Mulandir level anytime you can access it.

E.g. during the first visit when you find it following The Lost City quest or at any later stage "between missions", etc.

Spawn Humphrey the Destroyer

The first step would be to spawn the "peaceful wildlife" mentioned in the achievement's description. It can be done anytime by entering the Konami Code on your keyboard.

Its a "cheat code" from the old video games and the keys are the following:

Where the arrows are the arrow keys on the keyboard and the "B" and "A" are the normal letters.

This key sequence must be typed within 10 seconds and if entered correctly the deer "Humphrey the Destroyer" will spawn at the Godstone near the center of the map (on the square with the Obelisk and where Ianna and Uram companions will be standing between missions, if they've joined you).

You will hear the "teleport" sound and will get the vision of the deer as well.

You cannot control the deer but it will automatically move to your heroes' location and will follow them afterwards.

Get Killed by the Deer

The spawned deer is friendly to your heroes, but, if it is killed, it explodes and damages your heroes as well.

Basically, you have two options:

  • Either get the deer killed by any hostile unit(s): neutrals, enemy units, etc. E.g. there is a fire golem near it's spawn location the first time you visit Mulandir.
  • Or select the deer with the mouse and press the "Kill selected units" button (it can be configured via Game Options -> Controls).

In both cases you need to stay close to the deer when it dies and get killed by explosion. On the "Easy" difficulty the explosion damage may be not enough to kill the "tanky" heroes, but on the "Circle Mage" it is almost a guaranteed death.

If you've "missed" or the damage was not enough, you can repead the "spawning" and try it again.

After the heroes' death the achievemnt will pop up.

Loot (Not Necessary for the Achievement)

When "Humphrey the Destroyer" is killed it drops Dave's Butter Knife artifact.

This artifact is normally obtained from the random citizen in the Everlight, who attacks you on sight.

Written by Jen'Ari.

Game:   SpellForce 3