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DayZ - Campfire / Fireplace Tips

Feb 6, 2021    

Campfire / Fireplace

Campfire/Fireplace is the most common crafted thing in DayZ. Here is how to craft and use it.

Things needed:

  • Small Sticks.
  • Rags / Paper / Bark (any kind) / Bandage.

Fireplace/Campfire can be also upgraded:

  • Stone.
  • |8| = Stone ring around campfire/fireplace.
  • |16| = Stone Oven.

Cooking with Campfire / Fireplace

Things needed:

  • Long stick - Used for cooking meat and many more consumable items.
  • Tripod - Tripod is useless w/o a pot, but when you have a pot, you can attach the pot to the tripod and cook food.
  • Pot - Cooking in pot can have more items in it to cook in. You can cook with...
  • Animal Fat - Animal fat can be used as a raw meal, it restores ton of a food bar.
  • Water.
  • Nothing - Cooking with nothing can result in burning the food.

Cooking on a Stove

Cooking on a stove does not require a tripod being attached to it.

You can place the meat on the rocks and cook it w/o the pot, but it also can be combined with the pot.

Game:   DayZ