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Pulsar: Lost Colony - Manual Virus Removal Guide

Written by Tenth Doctor   /   Feb 11, 2021    

Did you know that it is possible to counteract viruses on ship computer without any help from cyberdefence or antivirus programs? Stick around and learn how to do it!

Guide to Manual Virus Removal

These people are trying to hack me!

So on your cyber panel some blinking lights and words painted in red.

Like Backdoor, Phalanx, Gentlemen's Welcome, etc.

Not to worry! Better yet, start clicking those arrows on the left. Collapse all the junk information about the viruses to see how many you actually have incoming. They might be hiding at the bottom of the screen!

As long as there is no fat red stripe/square on the right from the virus that attempts to attack you - you are safe! A good cyberdefence might force some viruses to waste all attempts and not even go through into phase of attack until the last moments of the virus'es lifespan. But even a weak defence will buy you some time to collapse all the junk data.

I have a Red Stripe, Ray!

Now it's time for the show to start! Pick the virus that compromises your team the most. Now click on the red stripe next to its name. If you did not misclick then something like that will show up in your face:

Whoa! That's a lot of numbers!

Is your screen still there and did not blow up in your face?

Are you still alive/functioning?

Is your ship still in one piece?

Yes? Good. Now lets get to work! Shall we?

Method To Madness

Let's see what we can see here.

You see those grey-ish numbers on the top left?

Yeah! These! These are your friends. This is a solid pattern. Let's analyze it real quick.

We have here...

| 53 | 53 | 55 | 56 |

Why does it matter? Well. This is your way to find a "fake" number in all of those other numbers. Those four numbers create a pattern of three fluctuations.

Let's take it from the top. 53 to 53. That's +0. 53 to 55. That's +2. And 55 to 56. That is +1.

We have a pattern!

| 53 | 53 | 55 | 56 |

Turns into:

| +0 | +2 | +1 |

Memorize those three numbers in your head quickly



And we can proceed.

Method To Madness 2: Electric Boogaloo

Alright! Let's brace ourselves and move closer to the screen once again in hopes that it won't blow up in our face.

We see two rows. That's not very comfortable for the explanations sake. I will glue them into one.

| 53 | 53 | 55 | 56 | 56 | 58 | 59 | 59 | 60 | 62 | 63 | 63 | 65 | 66 | 66 | 68 |

Still remember the pattern from before?


Then lets get started! We will start from first sure number into uncertain territory. Ready?

56 (+0) 56, 56 (+2) 58, 58 (+1) 59, 59 (+0) 59, 59 (+2) 61 No, wait! It says: 60

We've found the number that breakes the pattern!

Quickly click on it to neutralize the negative effect of that virus to your ship computer!

If you were successfull you will get a short message. Confirming that it was indeed the culprit number of the pattern.

If you failed in following the pattern and picked a wrong number then a negative message will pop up. You will lose your progress on this manual removal and will have to start another attempt from the beginning. Thankfully there is no cooldown period between attempts so feel free not to be pressured into working on the peak of you abilities all the time.

Practice Makes Perfect

Why are you still here? Feeling a bit intimidated still? I see. Well. I know how to fix it! Follow me! I will give you a few more of those patterns to work on in a calm controlled enviroment before you will try to do the same while your captain screams in panic and your ship being blown up to smithereens.

If you chose 84 then you are correct!

If you chose 61 then you are correct!

If you chose 52 then you are correct!

If you chose 65 then you are correct!

If you chose 51 then you are correct!


Well. I hope that cleared any doubts you had in you about your ability to manualy counter the viruses when ship has no power to spare for cyber-defence or scrap to upgrade the firewall.

Get out there and show them what you've made of!

Written by Tenth Doctor.