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Gas Guzzlers Extreme - Pacifist Achievement Guide

Written by Ben   /   Updated: Feb 2, 2021    

This is an in-depth guide of my experience trying to get the Pacifist achievement. Rumor says this achievement can be glitchy and inconsitent, so I want to share my complete experience to hopefully clarify and give some new light for others who are struggling with the same achievement.

How to Obtain Pacifist Achievement


Pacifist.. from experience and rumor, this achievement is elusive.

I recently unlocked this achievement, and I want to share my complete experience working on this. I hope that this will help shed some light on the mystery of this achievement, and hopefully help others that are struggling with it.

First Cup - First Attempt

First Cup - Fenderbender Cup

Painted my car white, only the main car paint, didn't bother about the rims and license plate since those are already white. The text on the plate is black however.

Did only Power races, found this to be the easiest way to win races without getting blown up by ruthless boths and to avoid the risk of my attention wandering for a split second and firing a shot, or by accidentally pressing the fire button(s).

I used mines. I have seen other people mention that it is unclear wether or not this has a definite effect on the achievement triggering.

I sold my previously used cars to progress by selling them to buy the next avaliable car. I found this neccessary because the progression in the first cup is incredibly slow and tedious, you have few options in terms of cars and upgrades.

Now.. thats the first cup. After completing the cup tournament, while being very careful not to fire any shots in the Battle and Knockout races, I did not unlock the achievement. I made a backup before I started the tournament, so I restored to and tried a second time, but it still did not unlock.

Disappointed that my efforts were not enough, and knowing that the second cup is slightly longer than the first one, I eventually decided to push on into the second cup, but i made a few changes to my setup. Heres what I did in the second cup:

Second Cup - Second Attempt

Second Cup - Hazard Junkies Cup

Painted my car white, including the main paint, rims, license plate and the text on the plate. I did this to make sure that every single inch of my car was white. I repeated this process every time i bought a new car of course.

Did only Power races. Same reason as in the first cup.

I did not use mines. To rule out any possibility that mines cause the achievement to not work, I decided to not use them. I picked them up sometimes because it happens, but I did not drop any. Actually, thinking back I did drop one in one race, but I never got the "mine hit" prompt, so noone actually ran over it. Either way, i restarted the race just to be sure. I used oil and smoke.

I did not sell my previously used cars. The Hazard Junkies cup to me is far easier to progress in than the first one, especially when you only do power races. You can win most races or at the very least get a top 3 finish almost every time, meaning you quickly get more money and unlock new cars. You also don't have to buy every new car avaliable. If you are able to get a top 3 with the car you currently drive, I would recommend doing a few more races and see if you can skip a few cars, since they are expensive. Once you finally upgrade, it will be easier to keep progressing. I didn't really upgrade my cars all that much either, but you can do that of course. I upgraded my nitro, and in most cases that was enough for me to able to get a top 3 finish and progress.

At the end of this cup, I got the achievement when i qualified for the cup tournament. This means you don't neccessarely have to complete the cup tournament. This doesn't correlate with the description on the achievement itself, but other people have had the same results.


So just to clarify at the end, Im still not 100% sure what I did right in the second cup to unlock the achievement, but if I had to guess, it would be the use of mines. I have seen others mention that they did not use mines when they unlocked this achievement.

The reason I made this guide is because I wanted to share every side of my experience in hopes that this helps clariify things for someone else who is struggling with this glitchy achievement.

Written by Ben.