Northgard – Fame Win Strategy Guide (Chapter 8 Extreme)

In this guide I will present a strategy to overcome level 8 with a victory of fame and also some tips to take into account when playing the map. I am going to leave a video of my gameplay to exemplify what has been done.

How to Fame Win Chapter 8

All credit goes to Maukai!

Tips About the Map before Presenting the Strategy

  1. First of all, if you only care about beating the level, you can attack and defeat the opposing clan, so you don’t need to worry about fame to win.
  2. Exploring the dragons on the map (there are 2) will give you a total of 100 fame, this must be done before the mission shows you their existence. (for some reason I forgot to do it in the video).
  3. Taking advantage of hostile attacks: From time to time, groups of zombies / wolves will attack you in groups of 4-5, as a result of this the camp from which they emerge will only have 2 units left, a number that is easy to defeat with your warchief.

So if we support the attack of zombies we can colonize the area and gain 50 fame and 5 iron almost without fighting, this could not be done (quickly and satisfactorily) only with the warchief against 6-7 zombies. the idea is to be prepared to defend yourself with towers, villagers and warchief to withstand the attack and then counterattack.

This is the most important area to defend since it is threatened by a camp of zombies and another of wolves, also here we have our first source of food and stone, so building a tower is mandatory:

There is another zombie camp that simultaneously threatens your fishing area and your forest, regarding this I do not recommend putting a tower in each area since it is a very large investment and we also do not know where the threat will be, but if you you do not feel comfortable defending yourself with villagers and the warchief you can put the towers.

The Core of the Strategy

We will use the clan of the stag and the whole strategy will be based on the skalds since they generate fame, in addition we will not have problems of gold or happiness. the goal is to eventually have a skald room in each area, and improve the skalds in the forge. It is important not to rush to quickly build many scald rooms, the most important thing first is to improve the resources. Objectives are:

  1. First objetive is to get both fields and the fish in order to improve food production and thus have more villagers for other tasks. Also start getting the stone as soon as posible.
  2. The second objective will be to build an altar of kings (in the video I built an altar of kings quite quickly, I think this was a mistake because I only had 200 of fame and I did not benefit much from the altar bonus, it may be better to use the stone first to improve the fields). Basically once a solid food production is established it is time to build the altar.
  3. The third objective, once the economy is established, is to use the forge to improve the scalds and later begin to colonize and build scald rooms in all possible areas.
  4. We could add as a last objective to build a small army to colonize some wolf and zombie camps to get more fame.

Knowledge Tree

  1. The value of great deeds.
  2. Hipbuilding.
  3. Carpentry mastery.
  4. Glory of the clan.
  5. Sharp axes.
  6. Erradication.
  7. Hero emblem.
  8. Colonization.

The most important thing is to get “clan glory” and “hero emblem” to improve the production of fame.

I chose Jord’s blessing (stone and iron) because it allows me to improve production.

What Benefits Do We Have with This Clan and This Strategy

  1. The hall of the skalds provides us with enough gold so we do not have to invest villagers in obtaining this resource.
  2. By having a surplus of gold we can build a market to buy food or wood in case we are in trouble in winter, it will also be easier to colonize areas because we can buy food. In addition, developing areas is easier
  3. Happiness is not going to be a problem, and the production of villagers will increase considerably.
  4. This clan’s resource bonuses help considerably to build a solid economy and save a lot of valuable time.

Gameplay video

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