Valheim – How to Build Storage (Warehouse/Storehouse)

Smart storage solution for all your loot.

Guide to Build Storage

This is not a noob guide. If you’re new to the game, learn the basics by playing the game, do not metagaming, it’s bad for your gaming experience.

  • Use the 1m wood pole to get the floor pieces positioned above the lower chests.
  • Build a new layer with chests.
  • Fill in the gaps with 1m or 2m wood pole, both horizontally and vertically, to create the pattern shown in the picture.
  • Put up signs, and name them accordingly to your own preference (again, do not metagame).
  • Explore your world, play the game with some friends.
  • Loot! Loot! Loot!
  • Fill chests with your newly gathered loot.
  • Profit!

Note: text on signs in the picture are written in Swedish, a true viking language.

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