30XX – Beginners Tips

Complete beginners, never played megaman before.

Tips for Newbies


So, your a complete newbie to 30xx. You have no idea what your doing. Infact, you never played megaman x, megaman zero, or anything like that (Note: this guide is for people who never played those games and just want some quick tips). Well fear not! This guide will be small, but teach you the basics of how to play and what you should do (Note 2:this guide has nearly no advanced stuff at all).

Actual Guide Stuff

So, my first tip is crucial if your new. Use the dash. Dashing is a incredible movement technique that allows you to make jumps you usually couldnt, and makes you go alot faster. Usually, I’d reccomend either spamming the dash button or doing something called dashjumping. Hold down the dash button and then make short fast hops with your jump button. This allows you to go alot quicker than usual. You can use dash anywhere (aside from mid air, but you can get parts/cores to make it so you can). Got a issue? Dash over it. Tryna dodge something? Dash. But dont be afraid to slow down aswell. You could go fast or take it easy and try to learn your surroundings. I suggest for your first runs to take it slow.

Walljumping. When on a wall you can slide down it, slowing your descent, however if you do a jump in this position, you perform a wall jump. Walljumping is crucial to master, as you can walljump on nearly every surface to keep your pace going. Walljumping is even required for some things, and most bosses will force you to walljump to evade, so never forget your tool.

Finally, augs. When playing, you can take various different augs to power yourself up. Every single aug will alter your build, so take into consideration what you wana do with this run, and take the augs you want.

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