Persona 5 Strikers – Fixing Black Screen

So you just started up the game began playing and then there was only a black screen or your stuck in full or border-less and can’t change it sucks right. Here what you need to do.


These are some fixes that could work but I can only confirm the first fix please keep that in mind.

The Fix #1

You can try:

  • Windows+R. 
  • Then %appdata% on SEGA folder. 
  • Delete P5S folder. 
  • Then you can restart the game. 

Worked for me. Tho I’m not sure if it will delete a saved game. I dont have a saved game yet when I did that. Just the option changed to border-less window. Sadly you will have run this game windowed.

The Fix #2

I managed to fix it by opening config.xml, andq then changing <DisplaySetting>1</DisplaySetting> to <DisplaySetting>3</DisplaySetting>. save and quit, and then it will put you in windowed. It does not get rid of save data.

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