Valheim – How to Club Deer

The essential guide on clubbing deer.

Deer FAQ

The essential guide to clubbing deer for the discerning viking.

Two tasty critters.

Deer are constantly multiplying and their populations are far too high. These agile, majestic creatures love to frolic in either the Meadows or Black Forest biome. They can be found prancing around thick forests or by stunning waterfronts.

Upon glorious victory you receive a chance of:

  • Raw meat
  • Deer hide
  • Deer trophy

Deer drops.

The slender fauna have a total of 10HP.

Items & Technique

Required items:

  • Buff of eikthyr – The stamina drain reduction is very helpful in dispatching deer.
  • A club – The flint axe is great for clubbing, but any higher tier one hander will do fine sending deer to Valhalla.
  • Rag or leather armor – These armors dont reduce movement speed and allow reuniting deer with Odin much easier.
  • Eat to maintain stamina – Good choices include Cooked meat, Honey and Blueberries or Raspberries for a lengthy session reducing deer numbers.

Successful deer clubber items.

Keys to a successful clubbing:

  • Use Sneak to get in close – Pressing Left Ctrl by default will enter Sneak Mode and allow you to get in close & quiet to ease their suffering.
  • Ambush deer at waterfronts and near buildings – You can directly run at deer drinking water or munching tasty grass without sneak, but only if they have limited avenues for escape.
  • Dont stop smashing until his munching in the sky forest – Depending on choice of club, one hit may not be enough!
  • Show no fear – The deer certainly has more than enough, rightly so!

Getting in close with the Sneak Mode.


Things to remember:

  • Be careful of other forest dwellers – Other creatures like the troll may even try to club you!
  • The deer is not your friend – If roles were reversed, the deer would happily be feasting on your tender juicy flesh and wearing your luxurious skin
  • Deer populations are only getting larger – Go clubbing as little or as much as you like
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