Etched Memories – Collectables and Extras (Demo)

The following are the locations of the collectables needed for a couple achievements:


  • 1) The bag which you find right in front of you, which also triggers a camera pan;
  • 2) Behind where you start, near the shore by the waterfall, you also see this bag in the cutscene inside the house and are supposed to only get it after learning the diving skill but you can get it before by jumping into the water.
  • 3) On top of the house, on the roof. You can get it by exiting the balcony and climbing.
  • 4) Near the tree where the monster spawns. You apparently can only get it by using the boat, but there are bugs that when you try to reach it by the water you’re despawned off the boat and the monster spawns on top of you. As such, the workaround is to get in the boat, drive towards the shore near the tree, continue using the boat on land (it’s a bug also) and then get the bag by going with the boat back into the water from the tree. You also need to come back the same way or the same issue will happen.


  • 1) Near the boat;
  • 2) Beneath the bed in the room by the broken window, inside a binder, only a little bit of the sheet is targetable;
  • 3) The laptop on the table in the main room;
  • 4) The sheet by the sofa on the second floor where you watch the diving cutscene;
  • 5) Inside the closed room, by the bed table near the boat key;
  • 6) Inside the container that is on the water by the side of the cabin, you have to get the item and then use it;
  • Extra) Small uncollectable note inside the drawer in the broken window room, says “Guest Area Code XIV”.

This extra note mentioned above may be related to the hidden “hacker” trophy.


  • 1) Colar – On a bush near the beeping sound, also has a red light. You can use it to get access to a cutscene, after that you can store it again or throw it to the ground;
  • 2) Apple (Appo) – In the bench inside the main cabin room;
  • 3) Oil can (uses 2 inventory slots) – by the stairs after the plank walking part in the cabin;
  • 4) Catnip/mint – In the balcony inside the pot;
  • 5) Boat key – by the bed debris inside the closed room;
  • 6) Bottle with note – underwater by the side of the cabin furthest from where you start.

The following is extra info on some game parts:

The locker combination: Referenced in the note near the cutscene window, you’ll have to search the house for the cat pictures.

The combination is:

  • Leftmost – Twice up from the starting position (gray and white background with a little brown, calico-ish, with 2 black stripes);
  • Middle – The same symbol it starts as (gray blackground with black stripes);
  • Rightmost – The same symbol as the leftmost.

Boat and Monster: 

After getting into the boat (before or after oiling it) you can consume the apple (appo) and it will despawn the monster.

Plank walking:

To pass the main room of the cabin you need to walk on the plank else the monster will kill you. Unfortunately the plank is bugged and may retain you in that walking animation.

To bypass this either:

  • 1) Use the left and right arrow keys instead of A and D or moving the mouse to climb the stairs and reach the window cutscene;
  • 2) Go to the settings, gameplay and adjust the gravity scale so that you can jump higher and from outside jump to the roof or 2nd floor balcony (Note: Do not put the gravity at 0 or you’ll float upwards and won’t be able to reset since you can’t access the settings while “jumping” and have to force quit the game).

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