Valheim – The Best World Seeds

Finding a ‘good seed’ in Valheim is tricky if you’re working solo. As the map is procedurally generated, spawning in a world that has each biome nearby often comes down to luck. However, as players discover and share more seeds, we’re able to hop into these worlds as we please.

Some seeds spawn you very close to the Swamp, or right near the Black Forest, which can save you time as you collect materials. Here are some of the best seeds the Valheim community has discovered and shared so far. Remember you can also set up a Valheim dedicated server, if you want to play with your pals.

Best Valheim Seeds

Mellow Meadows Spawn

  • Seed: wVJCZahxX8

It’s good to start off slow if you’re new to Valheim. You usually spawn in the Meadows anyway, but this seed is especially useful as other biomes like the Swamp, Black Forest, and Mountains are nearby. This will save you time trekking around the island when you’re searching for specific materials, and you’ll be able to find the Elder Valheim boss quickly.

Find the Valheim Trader

  • Seed: 42069lolxd

This world has an, erm, interesting name, but I promise it’s cool. It’s difficult to track down Haldor the trader, and you can play for hours blissfully unaware that they even exist. If you’re in the market for a fishing rod, or want to swap your gems for some coins, here’s where you need to travel to next.

Straight to the Swamp

  • Seed: SWAMPPLS

Eager to visit the Sunken Crypts? Gamer have kindly marked all the crypts on this map to make it easier to find them. So, you can mine for Valheim iron, and grab other useful items in chests here. The best part is that you walk to The Swamp area from this spawn point. Remember, the Swamp is an unforgiving area, so don’t travel here unless you’re wearing tough bronze armor.

Hunting in the Black Forest

  • Seed: yfNmtqZ5mh

If you want to pay the Black Forest an extended visit, hop into this seed. You’ll spawn in the Meadows, right on the edge of a sprawling Black Forest. So, if you’re on the hunt for copper deposits, want to get your hands on some troll armour, or need to visit Burial Chambers, this is a quick way to grab them. Good luck, you’ll certainly need it.

The Boss Rush Seed

  • Seed: HHcLC5acQt

This seed is a great candidate for speeding through Valheim as quickly as possible. In this seed, every one of Valheim’s bosses is located quite close to your starting point instead of being off across the ocean. Players have marked their locations, if you want to try your hand at beating them all in short order.

Written by NAPTRIX

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