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AIRWARS VR - Controls

Feb 25, 2021    

This guide describes how to operate motion controllers in Airwars.


Cosmos button guide.

Left Controller

  • Joystick Left - Rudder left
  • Joystick Right - Rudder left
  • Left grip - Throttle, After grasping, accelerates and decelerates forward and backward.

Right Controller

  • B - Quit menu
  • L2 - Fire the selected weapon
  • Joystick up - Weapon switch, Missile and machine gun switch
  • Joystick down - Radar range switching
  • Joystick left - Before target
  • Joystick right - Next target
  • Rigtht grip - After grabbing it, if it moves forward, backward, left or right, the fighter will rotate accordingly.