Touhou Blooming Chaos 2 – Unlocking Palettes (Optimal Way)

I’m gonna tip you some optimal ways for grind your favorite palettes or just for the achievements.

We Are Gonna Be Focusing On Two Targets

  • Quests: Main way for gear.
  • Unrestrained: Main way for money and acomplish quests.
  • BOSS Rush: I don’t recommend this actually. It’s only viable if you get a quest with leg gear with a main boss (100% encounter rate).


First thing is that I recommend you to have Reimu (auto follow bullets + attack speed buff) on high level because of:

  • 20 points: ATK-UP: Pretty much self explanatory, need them to easy clear.
  • 20 points: Speed Up: This gonna help us to move faster between enemies, bullets and chambers.
  • 12 points: Capacity: More storage for consumables, this gonna help us in quests.
  • 10 points: Marathon: More dashes, more movility, more dodges.
  • 10 points: Attack Boost: This is optional but good if you combine it with Youthful gear. (scales with boost dmg)
  • // Remaining points on ATK SPEED: More autos, more damage.

How Many Armors Do You Need to Unlock a Palette

  • 1 Easy – (White)
  • 1 Normal (Green – (1 Easy +1 Easy)
  • 1 Hard – (1 Normal + 1 Normal)
  • 1 Lunatic – (1 Hard + 1 Hard)
  • 1 Phantasm – (1 Lunatic + 1 Lunatic)

  • White: To compund two Easy, the price will be 1.800
  • Green: To compund two Normals, the price will be 4.500
  • Blue: To compund two Hards, the price will be 9.000
  • Purple: To compund two Lunatics, the price will be 18.000

The Quest Way

Move into Mamizou and look into her quests. You need to focus into the type of quests available and if they are worth taking.

As I stated before, do not go Boss Rush unless you lack Phantasms, they are not worthly.

Let’s check the quest list:

I will upload them unto ibb so you can check it:

You have two ways to refresh her list:

  • Get into a chamber.
  • Complete a collect quest. (This is way we need to get extra storage in our char)

If you feel the quest list worthless, just aim for a collect quest completion or enter a Roguelike mode and die.

The Shopkeeper Way

Rinnosuke usually sells garbage gear and you will not be able to deal with it. The thing is that you will be able to purchase good quality gear if you get deeper enough into chambers.

That means that if you go for a quest on Unrestrained mode, complete the 10 floors + any puzzles, (he may appear on the run, allowing you to get extra outfits) he will sell you some goodies. Use this to get white ones periodically that you will compound later.

PD: Never use exchange other than for the achievement. Waste of money. (Unless you really want to combine random gear for quality and sell it later)

You need him because he will also sell you sometimes a good time savior. (Gap to the exit) This allows you to skip all of the remaining floors, get into the Village and get the quest rewards.

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