GTA 5 – Advanced Guide for MC Business

It appears that there’re no proper guides on this type of business for more than half a year, so I decided to make one. What you really need for running illegal facilities.

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All credit goes to Provo!

It’s not really long, but still contains more info than what I’ve found in other guides. Let’s get going. Better late than never.


You obviously need it to start the work.

There’re 12 locations where you can own one, and unlike with Bunkers or Offices, they differ in a few points. The biggest distinction is number of floors (you can see it on purchase page). Cetrainly, this’s only cosmetical, but 2-story looks way better in my opinion. Also, wall graffities vary between clubhouses, another cosmetic thing.

What’s good from buying one?

You don’t only get access to purchasing facilities. Some of the features are:

  • 10-bike garage.
  • Ability to instantly despawn any vehicle and call in a BIKE (not car, yet bikes can be in any garage).
  • MC missions and challenges – payout is over 15k each (They usually take 10 mins to complete so not so profitable as Headhunter).

Even if you don’t want to buy Coke or Weed farm, these little benefits are already good for <400k investment

Custom bike shop is a complete waste unless you’re lazy to drive to nearest customs (which in my case is closer than 1km). There’re no unique upgrades that can’t be found in LSCs.

Gunlocker is worth it if you don’t have one in your office or bunker. Otherwise, why own more than 1 of the same item.


These are the exact numbers you achieve for running them, Utility charges per day ( =48 min real time) not included in profit/hour calculation. Supply capacity for all businesses is 20 * 5bars, upgrades don’t affect it.

Document Forgery

Stock capacity (units): 60

With no upgrades:

  • Utility charge: 1.500
  • 5 minutes to earn 1.000. Stock up to 90.000 for a Remote sale at 18.000 per hour

With 3 upgrades:

  • Utility charge: 3.000
  • 1 unit of supplies is used every 1.5 minutes. 
  • 3 minutes to earn 1.400. Stock up to 126.000 for a Remote sale at 42.000 per hour

Weed Farm

Stock capacity (units): 80

With no upgrades:

  • Utility charge: 2.400
  • 6 minutes to earn 1.500. Stock up to 180.000 for a Remote sale at 22.500 per hour

With 3 upgrades:

  • Utility charge: 4.800
  • 1 unit of supplies is used every 2 minutes
  • 4 minutes to earn 2.100. Stock up to 252.000 for a Remote sale at 47.250 per hour

Counterfeit Cash Factory

Stock capacity (units): 40

With no upgrades:

  • Utility charge: 3.000
  • 12 minutes to earn 3.500. Stock up to 210.000 for a Remote sale at 26.250 per hour

With 3 upgrades:

  • Utility charge: 6.000
  • 1 unit of supplies is used every 1 minute 36 seconds (1.6m) 
  • 8 minutes to earn 4.900. Stock up to 294.000 for a Remote sale at 55.125 per hour

Methamphetamine Lab

Stock capacity (units): 20

With no upgrades:

  • Utility charge: 3.600
  • 30 minutes to earn 8.500. Stock up to 255.000 for a Remote sale at 25.500 per hour

With 3 upgrades:

  • Utility charge: 7.200
  • 1 unit of supplies is used every 1.5 minutes
  • 18 minutes to earn 11.900. Stock up to 357.000 for a Remote sale at 59.500 per hour

Cocaine Lockup

Stock capacity (units): 10

With no upgrades:

  • Utility charge: 4.500
  • 50 minutes to earn 20.000 and stock up to 300.000 for a Remote sale at 36.000 per hour

With 3 upgrades:

  • Utility charge: 9.000
  • 1 unit of supplies is used every 1 minute 12 seconds (1.2m) 
  • 30 minutes to earn 28.000. Stock up to 420.000 for a Remote sale at 84.000 per hour

Common question: Which location to select?

Answer: Sandy Shores. It has shortest selling missions in the city – main reason. Why is it better to sell in the city? Suppose there’s a jet coming to take you out. In LS you got lots of high buildings, parking garages and all the other structures to help you. What do you have in the desert? Trees and cactuses.

Final question: Are they more profitable than I/E stuff? 

Short answer: no.

Long answer: maybe, only if you own all of them upgraded. You will end up doing A LOT more supply runs and sales and you will ALWAYS need to rely on friends to do selling with. And don’t forget that the combined cost of them is over 12-16M, fully upgraded (4-8M stock). Whileas your entry to I/E stuff is starting from 2.5M, without any upgrades.

Supply Missions

Tequila-la-la mission – despite the rest of the missions being quite straight-forward, this one deserves special attention. Many nerves were lost before this discovering easy way.

The easiest way to do it is to find a bike (can be NPC if you’re lucky), plant 1-2 bricks on C4 on it and drive straight inside. Of course, you’ll have to kamikaze there and blow the explosives, very likely killing over 4 enemies, which is already good (supplies will be intact). You can repeat this, but after first explosion it already becomes much easier. A better alternative is standing near the entrance door and attacking enemies 1 by 1, so that multiple bikers wouldn’t surround you.

There’re plenty of Truck delivery missions, all involving stealing guess-what.

Two of them need extra attention: “Scare the guy” – at the provided location you’ll find 3 people, one of which must NOT die. With that said, you need to beat him up – use fists and melee weapons only, don’t hit too fast as well. The truck’s location will be revealed once the bar on your screen is full, it’s typically not too far away.

Trackify mission – seemingly one of the longest. There’s a trick for it however: before launching the app, keep your eyes focused on the phone. The blip on its screen to appear non-instantly will ALWAYS be the truck you’re looking for (typically there’re 2-3 blips as soon as you start the app, the last one appears when the arrow passes its heading).

Rest of truck missions are generic – kill-and-steal type. Just avoid explosions near your vehicle and it’s all good.

Bike delivery missions with one of them being generic.

In the other – Cop Bike one, you must get and keep wanted level until the bike appears. I strongly suggest finding a good spot to shoot, such as the old firestation tower at Paleto Bay. Once the bike appears, you can die to lose stars instantly or work your way towards the bike.

Armored truck mission

Up to 2 trucks carrying supplies to be found in LS, rest are baits. You can do it the dumb way and shoot the doors of each, or do it smart way and peek through the little windows. Don’t shoot the truck if you see there’s nothing in the back – easy.


Nearly the same as Armored trucks, yet you don’t know for sure which of bikers have supplies. Simply knocking them down (X+LMB or RMB while on bike) is an option, but I suggest using heli with rockets (or Valkyrie’s front gun if you play with smb) to shoot them. Supplies won’t be destroyed if 1 or even 2 rockets hit the bike, you won’t get wanted level as well.

Crates mission

Lots of crates to be found in a secured location, 4 guards total. Use silenced weapon and 1-shot all of the to the head before starting with crates. No need to remind that guards can be alerted by bullets passing by or hitting objects near them.

Deal gone wrong

In one case, you’ll be surrounded by FIB when you arrive to the location, kill and steal. In the other, the dealer gets shot by a sniper as soon as you approach him. Immediately find cover or rely on your quick hands and kill the shooter.

Bank robbery – Counterfeit Factory exclusive

Not quite a heist, just arrive to a small Fleeca bank and pick up the supplies located near vault door. 2 guards with pistols staying there won’t cause much trouble.

Notes for All Missions

  • Number of supplies in each mission is increasing along with amount of members in your club, but doesn’t exceed 6 bags or 2 vehicles. 
  • Each bag provides about .75-1 bar of supplies, each vehicle – 2.
  • Having a helicopter is strongly recommended for supplies with bags. 6-seater Annihilator commonly spawns on all helipads in case you have many prospects.

Selling Stock

I highly recommend creating an empty session (check Import/Export guide on how-to, it still works!) right before starting the mission. The table below shows how many vehicles you will get for stock you have. Don’t forget to invite your friends to your empty session (the faster they join, the less chances randoms join) if you have more than half of max stock to finish the mission in time.

Number of vehicles you get for selling X units of stock.

Units/ Vehicles

  • <1.5/ 1
  • 2.0 / 1-2
  • 2.5-3.5/ 2
  • 3.5-5/ 3-4

Changing selling mission trick

Don’t like the selling mission you’re given (those Boxvilles, right?) – just find a new session. You won’t lose any product on condition you still have 1.5+ bars of supplies. However, you will have to sacrifice 0.5 – 1 bars of supplies if you do so. But that might be worth it.

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  1. Get close to the bar, get some Bullshark tetosterone, either from Brucie or a teammate witht the requistite ability. Even if the drop isnt great get in the bar ASAP after getting the Bullshark. If your strength bar is full it will be two shots per biker and you can really clean up solo or coop.

  2. In my experience, just having a weed farm supplements small I/E perfectly. With only the staff upgrade, in the time it takes me to fill 1 small warehouse, the weedhouse has generated enough money to cover the cost of filling the I/E warehouse with some surplus

  3. I would strongly recommend, to not ever buy the Document Forgery . The financial gain per bar of stock, is an utter insult. I wish I’d read this guide months ago, before I bought it.

  4. just wanted to say thanks i have used ur guides since i started back in june they are a must for fresh people.

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