Realm Royale – Warrior Hammer King Guide

Warrior Hammer Guide from PBT Master Rank! A guide for Warrior, That uses Heavy Hammer and Healing Scout to Tank and control Team Fight’s.

Drop Zone

For more chances of survival drop somewhere near the circle but outsite of it , Always stick together , and if possible manage to drop as a team in the same position to secure the place . Farm and loot everything you can , and after you have done with the first place , then move to the nearest Crafting bench inside the circle , to avoid loosing your Craft . *Always move on highground.

What Passive Abilities We Will Need for The Build and Forge Order

Golden Abilities

  • A) Inspire: will boost our Healing scout with 400 hp instant Regen .
  • B) Warrior’s Arsenal: is the most recommended choice
  • C) Brutality: will make our Heroic leap to deal 600 damage on impact

Red Abilities

  • A) Forge Healing scout: is esential for our build cauce it help us tank in team fight’s
  • B) Forge Heavy Hammer: will make sure that the first weapon we forge is a Hammer
  • C) Forge Heroic Leap: to make sure that our first forged Movement ability is the Heroic Leap

Grey Abilities

  • A) Vigor: will provide us with 300 more Life to tank in Teamfights
  • B) Bok Bucks: Will provide us with 25 shards everytime we kill a chicken, insane shard Farming
  • C) Healthy Hatchling: Will bring us back to maximun Life after we revive from chicken *
  • D) Leg Day: Will provide us with 10 % Movement Speed , what we need to engage first in TeamFights

Forge by Order

  • A) First the Hammer For DPS
  • B) Second The Support Ability
  • C) Third Offensive ability
  • D) Fourth Movement Ability

*Runes and potions after the first two can be always a priority *

GamePlay and Video with Tip’s

In and Out

Use your Heroic Leap to enter in a teamfight , take one or two kills and then leave out to regen , but always stay close and in range , in case you have to engage and protect your team . Healing scout will help you in fight , if you get heavy Fire .

Move on Highground

If you want to have more chances to Survive in realm royale , then move in highground , it gives you the oportunity to scout enemies before they locate you , so you have the position and the target’s location to ambush him or even hunt him down .

Help your team

Never forget to leave loot to the teamates that need shards or weapons , if they are strong enough ,you have more chances to win a game . And always supply them with Potion’s or even use Healing scout to regen them back to maximun Life.

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