Unturned – Tips & Tricks for New Players

Just a few tips and tricks for survivors! I wrote this after obtaining about 900+ hours of playtime and i just felt like i needed to repay the unturned community for the great times and all the knowledge i had acquired. I wrote this guide specifically with new players that dont quite know what they are doing in mind.

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First Spawning In

The first thing you’ll want to do when first spawning in is look around your surroundings and see what is near you, usually depending on what map youre on, this is a wooded area or a small clearing near a road. Depeding on where you spawn you may want to take the next few steps carefully…

Small clearing or by the road

In this case you will want to follow the road as it will lead to other locations that have loot! Eventually you may come across a farm or a small town, which is very good! a small locaton like this will have some good starter loot and not alot of zombies. In this case its good to sneak around the zombies and make your way into any of the buildings that are around you, some good things to look out for at this stage are weapons, clothes, and food. All of these items are immediate essentials and are very important to surviving for even the slightest bit of time! These locations dont tend to give you much loot but they do give you nice little starter packs, which you desperately need. Usually you may find a melee weapon and half a set of clothes, and if you are lucky you may even find a gun! Since you are in such a small location it may be ok to use the gun, but try to stick to your melee weapon since ammo is in short supply and the loud shot will startle the other zombies.

By a city

Now if you already spawn near a city then things were made very easy for you, but also very rough! Spawning near a city means that you have access to more diverse and a higher quantity of loot, but this also means that there will be more zombies chasing you! The best thing to do when spawning near a city is to sneak around and try to avoid zombies as much as possible. The main things to look out for in a city are weapons, clothes, and food. And especially a weapon will help you at this stage due to you being close to so many zombies. Once you get a weapon and if you feel a little brave you may be able to go back and kill zombies to pick up the loot they drop and even gather MORE loot from the city! However, if you find a gun or melee weapons this DOES NOT MEAN YOU SHOULD USE IT. Guns are very loud and tend to attract hordes of zombies towards you, and melee weapons dont do much damage unless they are a high tier weapon like a Military Knife or a Katana. If a zombie happens to spot you while you are scavenging in some store then you should take out your trusty rake or golf club you found on the floor and kill it! Guns should only be used as a LAST RESORT as they will draw even more attention to you and shouldnt even be used at all unless you KNOW what you are doing and KNOW you have enough ammo to fend for yourself.

Looting a Location (Farm, Campground, Town)

Now that youve made your way to your first location here are the things you should watch out for and the things you should grab!

At a farm

If you made your way to a farm then you are in luck! A farm is the perfect place to loot when you are barely starting out.

Unturned - Tips & Tricks for New Players

The first thing you may notice is a barn and a sizeable house. The first place you should go for is the barn since there tends to be less zombies there and weapons are more likely to spawn there. Remember the sneak tactic from chapter one! If you find a weapon or some clothes then you may want to take out the zombies one by one slowly (if you are using a melee weapon) But if you startle too many of them you may want to just run from the farm and return once the zombies stop chasing you. Once you looted the barn and roughed up a few zombies you will want to head to the house, this is where you can find some better clothes (such as sweaters or shirts) and even some good food! Remember not to judge the items you take by how they look, but how durable the guns are, how spacious the clothes are, and how edible the food is. But instead of leaving behind those old tattered clothes you didnt want take, go ahead and scrap them into cloth to make some bandages! these are very useful all the way through the game as they allow you to heal both health AND bleeding (very few items can do this)

At a camp ground

If you made your way to a campground then you might be in for a treat! This place (despite having more zombies) tends to have very good items such as canned food (an essential in the apocalypse) and lots and lots of guns! Some items of note that you will want to grab are Parkas, Sweaters, Swiss Army Knives, Any guns you find, and canned food.

Unturned - Tips & Tricks for New Players

If youre lucky you may also find a vehicle or even a boat here! These tend to be more rare as only 1 ever tends to spawn at a campground but you never know, you may just be lucky, considering you survived for this long =D These locations tend to be small and unimportant, but are a good source of early-loot so may be worth a stop depending on your priorities. Since they are so small there is not much to do here though, so its worth remembering to just grab what you need and be on your way. Remember not to judge the items you take by how they look, but how durable the guns are, how spacious the clothes are, and how edible the food is. But instead of leaving behind those old tattered clothes you didnt want take, go ahead and scrap them into cloth to make some bandages! these are very useful all the way through the game as they allow you to heal both health AND bleeding (very few items can do this)

At a Town

Did you spawn at a town? You best watching your back! though these locations are small they do have a sizeable amount of zombies, but not without a good ammount of supplies to make the trip worth it!

Unturned - Tips & Tricks for New Players

These locations can be deadly for early players if you dont know what youre doing so watch out! Sneak around zombies to grab anything you may need from the small shops and houses that line the road, some locations worth noting are Pharmacies and Gun stores. These tend to have a good ammount of supplies that are very crucial to a person this early on. Remember to sneak around zombies, only use melee weapons when possible, and grab anything that looks like its useful! Something you should especially watch out for are Travelpacks and Daypacks, (and duffelbags now) which extend your inventory by ALOT. These items are basically a god-tier item for people just starting out and might as well be your goal in life, try to grab one from one of the houses if you find one. Remember not to judge the items you take by how they look, but how durable the guns are, how spacious the clothes are, and how edible the food is. But instead of leaving behind those old tattered clothes you didnt want take, go ahead and scrap them into cloth to make some bandages! these are very useful all the way through the game as they allow you to heal both health AND bleeding (very few items can do this).

Looting a Location (City, Deadzone, Military Base)

Thes locations tend to be a bit more for experienced players, so if you spawn by one you may want to keep walking, but for those whom wish to explore the unexplorable read on!

Looting a city

These locations tend to be very large and are noticable by their landmarks such as Moscow having its Triumphal Arch of Moscow and The Kremlin and Seattle having its Seattle Space needle. However not all cities have landmarks (like Stratford not having one and Berlin not having one even though the Reichstag and Brandenburg gate exists.

Unturned - Tips & Tricks for New Players

If you decide you’ve had enough of the easy life or just want better loot out of your spawn then you should march your way on over to these cities. These places have VERY diverse loot and ALOT of zombies! Some places that are of major value are hospitals, gun stores, gas stations and military checkpoints (if there are any). However, when it comes to places like Germany and Russia they tend to have a higher military presence and thus have much more difficult zombies. These zombies are marked out by their uniforms which tend to be either Olive camo, Blue Dress clothes, or Tan Camo (in america’s case). Your best bet is to stay away from these zombies as they deal much higher damage and tend to have much more health and be able to take more damage due to their armor. When raiding a city its best to be on the look out for guns and gas tanks and ESPECIALLY cars. Cars tend to litter the streets like candy and taking one may seem easy, but is this really your best chance of survival? well yes it is, but it really matters what kind of car you take. Cars such as roadsters and sedans tend to take alot of gas and wont get very far when youre trying to make an escape, so if you want one of these you best have a gas can ready. If you want a sturdy car go for something such as the offroader or a pickup truck.

Looting a Military base

Now if you spawn at a military base your best bet is to just turn around and walk in the opposite direction for as long as you can. These bases are very dangerous, but for those who still want to try to loot them then keep reading.

Unturned - Tips & Tricks for New Players

These bases yield VERY good loot but the zombies there are armored and worse, there can be mega zombies here. Dont ask what they are, because you’ll know them when you see them. Your best bet is to sneak around zombies like i said in other paragraphs, however this will likely lead to death as the zombies are very alert here and will be drawn to your presence very quickly. something that you could also do if you are spotted and all zombies are after you is to run as fast as you can through the base and pick up all you can before the zombies catch you. But remember, your energy bar is not infinite and will eventually run out! now if there is a mega zombie there then screw your plans and just walk away to some city or town. these zombies will kill you just as quick as a deadzone and are very dangerous. They will hurl rocks at you, and even spit acid, breath fire, or cause seisimic slams depending on their specialities. I will go into more detail of zombie types later in the guide.

Looting A Deadzone

Deadzones are VERY VERY VERY VERY VERY dangerous! They tend to be at obvious places such as Silo 22 on Russia and Cologne on Germany. These locations are marked by what seem to be fallout markings that make the land stand out and seem almost completely devoid of all life.

Unturned - Tips & Tricks for New Players

These locations will kill you within seconds if you dont have protective gear. so i wont go into detail about how to loot these places as they tend to be for skilled players and this is a guide for new players.

Things that You Should Look out for

Things that you should look out for both items and locations will be kept here in this chapter. Remember this is focused on newer players and not those whom already have a base n stuff built.

Unturned - Tips & Tricks for New Players

The things you should look out for are pretty basic but some people might not know the difference, so here they are!


You should always choose a travel pack over a daypack as the travelpack will have much more item storage, but an alicepack has the most storage in the game. If you find one of these (they are pretty common on washington) you should always choose that over any other backpack. A common misconseption is that the Special Ops rucksack is better than the Alicepack, this is not true, though it does have better stealth or night camo it has much less space than an Alicepack.


Guns are pretty uncommon around the apocalyptic earth that unturned takes place in, if you happen to find one heres what you should watch out for. Civilian guns are the most common guns that can be find in the game and tend to be pretty durable with ammo that is very common, but they dont do alot of damage and arnt very good against an entire horde of zombies. Guns found in police stations are also very good (such as shotguns and ranger guns) and will do a bit better than those found in gun stores. Military guns can only be found at military bases and outposts, but some early ones (such as eaglefire) can be found in gun stores. The ammo for these is much more rare than civilian ammo but on some maps can be found in both gun stores and police stations. Ranger guns are less powerful than their military counterparts and on North-American maps (such as washington, yukon, and PEI) the ammo is extraordinarily rare and can only be found at bases or compounds. These weapons do however last much much longer and are more durable than the military guns. Some even come with built-in supressors so no barrel is needed.


It may seem easy to take about just any car that you find on the road but dont do this! Some cars are better than other and heres which ones. Offroaders are one of the best cars you can get from towns or cities, they do good on gas and have an alright speed. Sedans and Hatchbacks are also good cars that go extremely fast but tend to take alot more gas. Military cars tend to go not too fast and not too slow but provide extra armor. Some other more rare cars are very scarce but provide ALOT more armor and speed. Armored prison vans are found at prisons (i wonder why) and provide alot of armor as well as speed. Ghosts are found at historic or important locations such as Neuschwanstein castle and Krovi Estate. However as far as I know cannot be found on any other maps besides the european ones. Racecars are also very fast but unless you have like 10 gas cans on yon dont use them because they will drain all gas in the world like a void that sucks in fuel.


Clothes doesnt quite matter later on in the game as you have a backpack to carry alot of items but early on in the game it is very important as to what clothes you choose. Some of the best pants you can choose are Cargo Pants and Police pants, these provide both armor AND the best ammount of space. Sweaters and Parkas are also very spacious, but if youre worried about how it looks or durability, you may want to go with Military Clothes as they provide extra armor. Military vests also provide the best ammount of armor and look pretty cool. But if you cannot find these ponchos and sweater vests are also good. Helmets and bandanas are very good as they provide alot of protection from sniper damage (if youre doing PVP) and can even survive a grizzly shot.

Types of Zombies and Tactics to Avoid Them

There are many different types of zombies that can be found in game mainly if you choose a difficulty worse than easy. The different types of zombies (given obvious nicknames by me) Are:
The Flamer, The Spitter, The Chaser, The Anklebiter, The common infected, and the Mega Zombies. Each zombie has their own attributes that point them out from other types of zombies. Flamers tend to eminate fire and explode into a ball of flame when killed. Spitters have blue foam that ooze from their mouth and spit acid at your feet. Chasers are on all fours and are very fast, if these catch you they can cause bleeding very quickly. Anklebiters are prone and are crawling very slowly when chasing you. The common infected have nothing special about them and have no extra effects to them. Mega Zombies are about 2 times the size of any normal zombie and tend to be shirtless and at military bases, however as of recently they have started spawning in civilian locations.

Unturned - Tips & Tricks for New Players

Its best to stay far away from flamers when you kill them and melee weapons are NOT recommended. When they explode they will cause bleeding to you and you will gain major damage. You shouldnt be near them when this happens. As for the common infected its best to take them out with a melee weapon, as they are not easily startled and can be easily taken out if you sneak around them with a bat or rake. Spitters are best taken on from a close range and a melee weapon is recommended, if you take them out with one of these then they cannot spit at you as you are too close and will be stunned by the melee attack. Anklebiters are best taken on from a medium range as they have a high ammount of health since their head and chest are facing towards the ground and are blocking any shots at them. Melee is only recommended if you have a long range weapon such as scythe or pitchfork. The chaser is best taken on from a long range as if they catch you you will die very quickly, The best way to kil lthem is with a gun or crossbow. Mega Zombies are best taken care of using fully automatic guns and LMGs such as the Dragonfang, the Nykorev and the all-powerful Hell’s Fury.[/previewicon] The reason for this is that you can unload alot of bullets into the zombe in a quick ammount of time, try to take them on from a medium range as you can get more hits on them but never let him get too close. Another note is that they can throw boulders that will bring your health down to less than half, so have medical kits on hand if youre planning on taking one on. Usually killing one with an LMG is easy, but remember the tactics if you want to live to get the great loot it drops.

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