Deep Rock Galactic – Beginners Tips

Deep Rock Galactic is growing, so I’m going to list a small, yet useful and quick tips to help you get started at the game so you can read if you have a few quick minutes.

Tips for Newbies

General Quick Tips

  • Don’t be afraid to use your flares with F in your keyboard. Your flashlight doesn’t offer enough lighting most of the time and each flare recharges automatically in 12 seconds, and they last 30 seconds after being thrown.
  • Ammo is of critical importance, don’t waste it. You need to collect 80 Nitra (red minerals) to request for resupply pods by pressing 5 in your keyboard. Nitra should be prioritized to be collected first than any other mineral.
  • Aim and fire at brighter enemies’ body parts. They are usually the weakest parts.
  • When you kill a Praetorian, stay away from the toxic gas it emits after for a few seconds.
  • Call the Mule or Molly by pressing C. Other players may need Molly at the same time as you, so don’t be surprised if Molly doesn’t come at your first call.
  • Don’t request resupply pods unless it’s absolutely necessary. You can check your team’s ammo (the boxes below their avatars) by holding Ctrl. If someone has two dark boxes, consider requesting one. If all of you have at least two or more dark boxes, you should definitely request one.
  • Each class has a separate specialized gadget to facility travel in the caves for everyone. Gunner has the zipline gun to travel above wide gaps and different heights. Engineer has the platform gun to build platforms to jump on. Driller can drill through anything with his drillers, drilling through the dirt and creating the escape route in the endgame. Scout has the grappling hook for himself to travel fast, but he still has the flare gun that allows bright lighting in the caves for everyone.
  • Hold Ctrl to bring your analyzer up and check for surroundings. If you hold Ctrl and then click Left Click you can tag in the terrain you’re aiming. Use it to point and tag minerals, enemies and specific terrains of importance.
  • Hold Tab to bring the map. You can rotate it by moving the mouse. Use it if you feel lost and alone (if playing multiplayer).
  • If you don’t know what to do, follow, observe your allies and help them. Stick together, help each other, and fight as a team.
  • Communication is key. You can use Enter to use the chat, ask if you have any questions. If you have a microphone use Z. Press X to shout and let others know where you are.
  • Listen to Mission Control carefully. He will let you know of important events and incoming swarms.
  • Stay far away from huge enemies. Some of them can put you down in one hit. And if you see a huge monster and you see the word “detonator”, run away and shoot from a long distance. You’ll soon see why.
  • You can access a Miner’s Manual in your pause menu. It provides valuable information about most aspects of the game, like terrain, mutators, creatures… Consider using it.
  • Press V to Rock and stone!

Quick Tips During a Swarm

  • A swarm is an event where multiple enemies in greater quantities attack you at the same time. Mission Control will warn you before that happens. Team organization could be the difference between victory and failure.

As Gunner

  • Make sure you have shield generators. You can use them to protect yourself and your teammates and to revive someone. Be careful with its cooldown after usage.
  • If you use a minigun, don’t let it overheat it. Change to your secondary weapon instead when it’s hot but not overheat.

As Scout

  • When a swarm starts, shoot a couple of flares to ensure everyone has clear sight. It’s bad to be in the dark, but trying to fight in the dark is worse.
  • Focus on shooting the monsters’ weak points and bugs that attack at a distance. You can’t handle crowd control like the Gunner, but your weapons are precise enough to weaken big monsters and kill bugs that shoot at a distance like the acid spitters.

As Engineer

  • Deploy your sentry gun ASAP. Preferably at wide areas to cover the max range. Don’t forget to resupply them with ammo.
  • You have grenades to lure enemies, use them. But don’t throw multiple grenades at the same time. Throw a grenade far away from your teammates.

As Driller

  • The flamethrower is excellent against crowds of bugs. Simple as that.
  • If you are in a narrow area, try to make space with your drills or make a tunnel. Be aware of possible detonators if you’re opting for the latter plan.
Written by Onii-chan

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