Subnautica – The Alterra Vehicles Guide

A simple guide that shows what every Alterra vehicle in a trailer sort of way.

Guide to The Alterra Vehicles


Aurora, reporting for duty! Once again showing off one of our submarines now, the Seamoth! A compact, 1 person vehicle that is sleek and fast. Being able to shoot torpedoes as well, they are the only weapon the Seamoth can be equipped with. It is more of a style and not function type of sub, but still a great way to travel on shallow waters.


Welcome to the Aurora ship, this time, talking about our favored exosuit! A robot with the ability to shoot torpedoes, and can go all the way to 1,100 meters down, land and sea alike! With interchangeable arms, as well. Propulsion cannon arms, grapple arms, drill arms, and the normal punching arms too.


One of the best vehicles the corporation has made, being able to go 600 meters deeper than your average exosuit at a giant 1,700! Needless to say, this is one of our best submarines around! Being able to place anything inside, including the seamoth and exosuit with it’s very own docking system, this is a very advanced vehicle, usually needing 3-4 men to operate! With creature decoys to distract agressive fauna, cameras to detect those fauna, and an “Ahead Flank” speed mode just for emergencies! It can be upgraded with fire supression systems, and many other things. It can even charge your vehicle docked inside! So what are you waiting for? Get it straight away!

Neptune Rocket

This one will knock your space socks off, the Neptune Rocket! Able to be customized to every color and can be named anything, being able to shoot out time capsules, use ion boosters! Capsules are able to put a picture, note, and 6 slots of storage to put gifts in for another person to dig up.

Seatruck (Below Zero)

As another creation of Alterra, you can guess that the seatruck was a great invention! Being more compact than the seamoth, it is much easier to navigate through crevices and caves.

Seatruck Modules (Below Zero)

The seatruck modules are much like addons to the submarine! As the seatruck can handle pretty much any weight, it can carry as many modules you want! There are:

  1. Aquarium Module
  2. Storage Module
  3. Fabricator Module
  4. Sleeper Module
  5. Teleporter Module
  6. Docking Module (works great for the exosuit!)
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