Nimble Fish – 100% Achievements Guide

How to Obtain All Achievements

Overwhelming Greed

  • Obtain a coin and die a second later.

Air Tight

  • Fall on a flying bird.

Feeding Time

  • Get into the mouth of a shark.

First Savings

  • Collect 25 coins.

Retirement Savings

  • Collect 75 coins.


  • Collect 150 coins.

You will collect coins as you play.

In order to unlock the achievements, you have to own 150 coins at one point. So don’t spend any coins until you reach 150.

Rookie Fish

  • Reach 100 points.

Clever Fish

  • Reach 200 points.

Survivor Fish

  • Reach 300 points.

Just try to stay away from the spikes, birds and sharks and you should easily reach 300 points.


  • Buy Goldy fish.


  • Buy Imperator fish.


  • Buy whale.

Goldy fish costs 10 coins, Imperator fish costs 50 coins and Whale costs 100 coins.


  • Buy all fishes in the game store.

All fishes in the game store cost a total of 160 coins.

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