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Genshin Impact - Precious Chests Locations: Bishui Plains (18 Chests)

Written by Sarene   /   Updated: March 1, 2021    

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Precious Chests: Bishui Plains (18 Chests)

I hope you will find this helpful.

Note: The blue arrows indicate that the chests are part of a world quest.

  • 1. Defeat Lawachurl.

  • 2. Complete final challenge of Dandy Time Trial.

  • 3. Defeat hilichurl camp.

  • 4. Run to this spot, and a pyro abyss mage will appear. After defeating it, the chest will spawn.

  • 5. Defeat hilichurl camp.

  • 6. Defeat Cicin Mage.

  • 7. Defeat Eye of the Storm.

  • 8. Defeat Lawachurl and hilichurls.

  • 9. Defeat abyss mage and hilichurls.

  • 10. Go into the cavern and defeat the hilichurls. The chests can be found behind a rock wall afterwards.

  • 11. Defeat hilichurl camp.

  • 12. Defeat 3 rockshield mitachurls.

  • 13. Complete exploding barrel time challenge. The precious chest will appear near the teleporter above.

  • 14. Complete the final Dandy time trial challenge. 

  • 15. Chi of Guyun Quest: Defeat Ruin Hunter.

  • 16. Chi of Guyun Quest: Complete light puzzle.

  • 17. Chi of Guyun Quest: Complete light puzzle.

  • 18. Chi of Guyun Quest: Successfully Protect Monolith and head to the cavern all the way in the back.

Happy Chest Hunting!

Written by Sarene.