Genshin Impact – F2P 3 Star Weapons for Hu Tao

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F2P 3 Star Weapons

If you did not get lucky with the gacha and if you used up your prototype polearm billets then these 3 star polearms are great alternatives.

The Halberd

Pound for pound, the lootable Halberd is arguably the best 3 star polearm for Hu Tao, as it has a ATK% substat that will help boost Hu Tao’s low base attack damage, and her normal attacks will receive a 320% boost every 10 seconds. For artifacts, a full Gladiator’s set, full Lavawalker’s Set, full Crimson Witch set, or 2 piece Crimson Witch and 2 piece Gladiator would help Hu Tao go to her maximum potential. Which artifact set do you prefer, Crimson Witch of Flames, or Lavawalker’s?

White Tassel

The White Tassel is a lootable polearm that has a Crit Rate% substat and normal attack damage will receive a constant 48% boost at max refinement. As an example, you could build her with a full Gladiator’s set, full Lavawalker’s set, full Crimson Witch set, or 2 piece Crimson Witch set and 2 piece Gladiator’s set with HP% for her sands, Pyro DMG% for her goblet, and CRIT DMG% for her circlet with Crit Rate%, ATK%, HP%, Crit DMG%, Energy Recharge, and Elemental Mastery as her optimal substats. Which one do you favor more, Crit Rate% or ATK%?

Black Tassel

The reason I put the Black Tassel here is because it is the only polearm besides the five star Staff of Homa that has an HP% substat. It is available and extremely common through Gacha. The passive ability given is highly situational and not ideal, but if used correctly, this will be a viable option. In addition to farming slimes and dealing with those pesky Dendro slimes, I would use this in Spiral Abyss in select floors where there are slimes. Slimes, or nah?

I hope you guys find this useful when you acquire Hu Tao, but remember, this is just a general guide in my perspective and there are many different ways (and more effective ways) to build Hu Tao as well as many strategies in team compositions and how you use her.

Written by Skyecaster

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