Genshin Impact – Ore / Crystal Map

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Since alot of people are probably leveling up weapons I thought i’d share my ore/crystal map.

Ore / Crystal Locations Map

Alot of these locations are the ones the the blacksmith will tell you where ores are but sometimes they spawn and he doesn’t tell you about it. (Since he only tells you a couple a day).

Spots are marked with pickaxes (and I only marked spots where groups of ore spawn as I know there is some locations that spawn like 1).

Only 1 I really know of in this area.

These are mostly white iron though there are sometimes crystals (marked with a star).

And stormterrors lair prob still need some work.

And dragonspine the clovers are the starsilver ore and the pickaxes are the dragon teeth. (The stars near mingyun village are noct jade).

Hope this helps anyone who needs it!

Written by Kimimela

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