Phantasy Star Online 2 – Quick Casino Guide

This is a rundown of the various games and the strategies behind them, plus my personal tips. It is meant to be quick, not complete. I’m writing it in between Roulette spins.

Li-Li Roulette

Basic info can be found in game by talking to a bunny girl.

Strats – Risk, Return – Advice

  • Bet on two colors = safest, max return 9x – Use if you’re under 200cc with 10cc bets
  • Bet on color and number = balance risk/reward, max return 15x – Use above 200cc with ? bets
  • Bet on two individual numbers = risky, max return 45x – Use above 3k with 100cc bets

You can do other stuff while playing roulette, so feel free to always throw bets in before playing other games. If you’re playing Rappy Slots you can effectively play both.

Very Safe, Very Profitable.

Rappy Slots

Basic info can be found in game by talking to the bunny girl.

It plays itself.

Always bet 5 unless you’re super broke. If broke, play 1 until Rappy level is 4, then play 5.

Pick the correct machine, there are differences in payout/bonus rates. Some machines will give you more bonus/wilds than others, literally, as they will appear behind doors more often and the Rappy will interact with your slots more.

Slots may change, but they will persist while you are in the casino.

Fairly Safe, Somewhat Profitable (Bad) – Very Safe, Quite Profitable (Good)

Charge the Banks

If you’re playing a lot, charge the whole bank. That is, play every individual machine until its Rappy level is 4, then move on to the next one. Not only will you know which machines are good and bad by the time you get the Rappy level to 4, if you charge the whole bank (or both banks) you will have that many machines primed for a bonus chance (up to 30). You will still get PSE bursts and bonuses from good machines or lucky rolls in the process. The risk here is someone comes and plays all your 4 stacks, but if you’re rolling in cc that’s probably your intention anyways (prime em for the noobs!). Unconfirmed, but I believe stacking them in this way either increases your personal luck or the luck of the machines around them, so consider it a good practice to leave machines with 4 Rappy level!

Arkuma Slots

Basic info can be found in game by talking to the bunny girl.

Advice: Do not play this until you have at least 1500cc

It plays itself.

You can leave the slot (and take your winnings) at any point that the reels aren’t spinning, including during the battle game.

Again, there are good slots and there are bad slots, here, the good slots will have the Dark Falz appear less, in greater numbers (better odds for battle game).

If you have enough cc, use 7 different machines for your daily spins, then use the best 3 from those 7 for your final 3 spins.

Winning the battle game is ALWAYS a toss up, so any time you have more than 500cc is a good time to leave if you have a Dark Falz encounter.

If you like to live dangerously, I recommend collecting 3 “sets” of the icons that give a bonus and cashing out when you encounter a battle game after you have 3 sets or 1500cc+.

Unsafe, Not Profitable (Bad) – Extremely Safe, Extremely Profitable (Good).

Mesetan Shooter

Basic info can be found in game by talking to the bunny girl.

You can move the turret to collect coins!

That’s probably the most important tip I can give, other than aim well, don’t collect bombs, and try to get powerups by shooting the special things and collecting their drops.

More players means better rewards.

Black Nyack

Basic info can be found in game by talking to the bunny girl.

  • It’s black jack.
  • With bonus pays.
  • Also with a dealer who is bad at counting and likes getting 21.
  • Better with more players, since the dealer has a higher risk of busting themselves.
  • Double down on 10 and 11.
  • Go for 5 cards unless you pass 11, then go for 5 cards anyways.
  • If a 10 could bust you, it’s probably better to stand. You still lose if you bust, but a living hand of 12 beats a busted dealer.
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