Dying Light – Excavator Mike Locations & 6th Anniversary Week 2 Guide

This guide includes fixed spawn locations of Excavator Mike, his loot table (based on my observations), tips for farming him and tips for the event in general.

Quick Note

Locations of the marker indicate the spawn points of Excavator Mike whereas those of the player icon indicate the safe spots mentioned below. Excavator Mike will only spawn between March 3 (2021), 19:00 CET and March 10 (2021), 19:00 CET. 

  • Note: For 1st week’s guide click here.

Excavator Mike Locations (Slums)

Location 1/3

At the north-eastern corner of the bus station. (Which is near the north-western corner of the map.)

You can select Underground Parking Lot as your active quest and exit and re-enter the save to farm this location. Don’t use the white car as cover. There’s a puddle of fuel next to it and the concrete chunk Mike throws seems to ignite the pool. Instead, use either the white van nearby if you’re going melee or the rightmost roof if you are going ranged. Just make sure you bring him closer to the roof first to make sure that the concrete chunk doesn’t go over the roof. This location has some zombies. Clearing them out first is advised if you’re going melee.

Location 2/3

Near the train shed with 2 toads, 1 goon and multiple gas tanks.

You can select Underground Parking Lot or Stuffed Turtle as your active quest and exit and re-enter the save to farm this location. Use either the support columns of the structure going above the railways (deal with the toads first if you are going to use them as cover) or the yellow railway wagon (preferably inside) as cover. This location is easier to farm since there are fewer zombies nearby (not counting the area filled with gas tanks), is closer to the quarantine zone and has more cover.

Location 3/3

On a path leading to Rais’s tower.

You can select Bright Mountain Tunnel as your active quest and exit and re-enter the save to farm this location. Definitely use the trees as cover. Killing him is a piece of cake when both of you circle around the trees. See those 3 trees to Mike’s left? The 2 closest of them are the ones i’m talking about. This area is the easiest to farm since the cover is excellent and zombies mostly stay on the road. A few of them might follow you from the tunnel entrance.

Excavator Mike Locations (Old Town)

Location 1/2

At the north-western corner of the map, near the quarantine gate.

You can select Striped Dragon Hotel as your active quest and exit and re-enter the save to farm this location. As you can see this is the harder location to farm since there is a family of demolishers here. Simply deal with the weaker 2 and then proceed to the big guy. There are 2 fuel puddles nearby. Ignite one of them and simply circle around it. Mike seems to avoid the fire and circle around the puddle with you. These puddles are ideal for both ranged and melee attacks. One thing to watch out for is the ranged attacks of Mike.

Location 2/2

At the south-western corner of the parking lot. (Which is at the south-eastern corner of the map.)

You can select Three Moons Restaurant as your active quest and exit and re-enter the save to farm this location. This location may be easier to farm compared to the one above but there are still way too many zombies here. You may need to do a lot of slashing bits and limbs before going melee on Mike. I suggest using the blue trap car as cover. Circle around it while attacking Mike but don’t go on top of it. If the place gets crowded with biters, retreat and activate the car trap.

Excavator Mike Loot Table

This section is purely based on my observations and these values (%) represent relative frequencies. I haven’t noticed the difficulty having any effect on this loot table.

Loot Table

  • Amount of times killed: 100
  • Excavator Mike’s Pack dropped: 51 (51%)
  • Rare (blue) weapons dropped: 34 (34%)
  • Exceptional (purple) weapons dropped: 11 (11%)
  • Legendary (orange) weapons dropped: 4 (4%)

Bounty Reward

You get a GREcipe blueprint for completing his bounty. This reward seems to be bugged for some players (including me) at the moment.

GREcipe gives +25% health, infinite stamina, roughly +50% increase in speed, +20% regen time for 60s.

Info On Special Rewards

Excavator Mike’s Pack includes 5 GREcipe, 1 King mod, 2 exceptional (purple) mods, 3 jewel caskets, 3 super molotovs and 3 military medkits.

Farming Excavator Mike

Recommended Weapon Combo

Last Hope (Crafted with pickaxe) combined with a crossbow is my number 1 recommendation.

Recommended Ranged Weapons

Crossbows are my number 1 ranged recommendation.

Shotguns are my number 2 ranged recommendation. It’s easier to land head-shots on Mike with shotguns.

  • Golden and engraved shotguns (highest damage output)
  • Advanced police rifles
  • Ranger (The Following expansion – Revolver) (Rais’ Gun if you don’t have the expansion)
  • Dragon’s Breath (Bow)
  • Gust of Wind (Shu Warrior bunle – Crossbow) (Upgraded Crossbow if you don’t have the bundle)
  • Volkatronix (Retrowave bundle – Rifle)
  • Ox Cannon (Ox Warrior bundle – Shotgun(?))

Recommended Melee Weapons

  • Last Hope (Crafted with pickaxe)
  • Volatile Hunter Baton (Volatile Hunter bundle) (Crafted with pickaxe)

Tips For Farming

  • Higher difficulties make him significantly harder to take down.
  • Whatever weapon you use be sure to go for head-shots and dodge frequently. Unlike Hothead Joe, freezing throwables don’t work on Mike.
  • I suggest going melee on him first to remove his helmet and then either continue with melee or go for head-shots with a crossbow (or a shotgun if he’s moving too much).
  • Once you kill him you can re-spawn by selecting the closest quarantine zone (mentioned above) as your active quest and exiting and re-entering your saved game.
  • You don’t have to exit your save to re-spawn Mike. Simply entering and exiting a quarantine zone will do the same.
  • The safe spots i have given above aren’t completely safe. Ranged attacks of Mike affect a large area. It’s enough for the concrete chunk to land somewhere near you to knock you down. If you are going to snipe him down from the top of a vehicle or building, make sure there is a lamp pole or something between the two of you. That way his concrete chunks will be absorbed by that object. You can throw melee weapons from the safe spots too but i’d just go for melee.

General Tips for Week 2

  • Sleeping doesn’t re-spawn Mike.
  • These are locations of the airdrops in Old Town. Markers mark the locations of the airdrops not seen on the map. The one on the small island seems to sometimes spawn. I don’t know what triggers it.
  • Select Striped Dragon Hotel as your active quest and exit and re-enter your save to spawn in front of that quarantine zone and re-spawn the airdrops. There are 4 airdrops nearby which you can quickly collect over and over again.
Written by Atakan

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