Genshin Impact – Dvalin Bug Fighting Tips

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Dvalin Bug Fighting Fix

For anyone who has a low end phone (such as mine) and is experiencing a bug where it is hard to see dvalin. Here is my tip and probably a solution for you.

The Solution

  • Restart the game (open and close the app when Dvalin appears).

It will take some patience, I restarted mine for 5x-8x and finally it was fixed.

If it doesn’t work, and it still glitches.then here’s a tip.

  • Just spam attack. Yes it will take some patience also but it is worth it if you want to go to the next quest.
  • Bring a sheild character.Noelle is perfect, you wanna put on her shield incase Dvalin attacks.
  • Venti trial died? Put Noelle or revive Venti, go near the front of the platform and spam attack until you hit Dvalins claws.

The target mark will help you aim if you still see it.

You will eventually get comfortable with the glitch, and maybe just remember his attack pattern.

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