Short Tale: 7PM – 100% Walkthrough and Achievement Guide

Complete Walkthrough and Achievements


  • The game features checkpoints, you can’t save when you want.
  • Use E or spacebar to go through text and interact with objects / people.
  • Estimated 100% time: 40m~.


  • Start a new game.
  • When you get control pick up the pebble (1/3) near the left side of the of building.
  • Go right and pick up another pebble (2/3) near the entrance of the building.
  • The third pebble (3/3) is by the bushes, near the lamp post in the middle of the area.
  • Now go inside the entrance on the right.
  • Go inside the yard and talk to uncle Yao with the blue shirt, he will give you a paper to fold.
  • After the conversation is over, talk to him again a few times.

I said Leave me alone!

  • I just wanted to apologize…

  • Go to the memorial and interact with it.
  • Now stay near for a little bit without touching anything.

A moment of silence

  • Respect for the “departed”.

  • Go outside again and you will talk to a boy.


  • Talking to strange kids who have a sweet-tooth isn’t good for your health.

  • Talk to auntie sitting on the bench.

Like you’ve seen a ghost

  • Having a supernatural experience can be stressful sometimes…wanna talk about it?

  • Go inside the left entrance of the building.
  • Talk to Mak cik Noor by the stand.
  • Select:

➤ Sure, I can do that!

  • Now play a simple mini-game, don’t worry about failing. Extra means 2 times.
  • Ingredients are in order: Sambal, egg, cucumber, rice.
  • After completing 3 orders you will get an achievement.

Nasi Lemak is Love

  • Help pack nasi lemak, while secretly wanting the recipe.

  • Go upstairs all the way up.

Fear of heights

  • I wonder what’s past all that junk…

  • Go to the 2nd floor, unit 201-204.
  • Talk to the kids.


  • Why la? … I just want to play card games!

  • Talk to the kids again and pick the first option.
  • Go down and talk to Lun, the kid with orange shirt.
  • Select:

➤ About the card game..

  • Play rock paper scissors to try and get the card.

Lucky Guess or Mad Skills?

  • That’s what card games are about too.

  • Talk to the boy again and he will ask you for 3 pebbles.
  • Talk to him again and select: No I didn’t.

Tak nak!

  • Throwing pebbles is vandalism, I’m no criminal!

  • Talk to him once more
  • Select:

➤ “Right here!”

Knock knock

  • I am doing the right thing, right?

  • Now throw the pebble at the window, try landing in the green zone.
  • Go back to the kids that asked for the card and talk to them.

Too much free time(?)

  • I just want to know more about the neighbourhood.

  • Head to the first floor head to Unit 104-104
  • Knock on the first door you see and a man will signal at you.
  • Approach and talk to him.

Stranger Danger!

  • Never listen to a stranger’s advice.

  • Enter the apartment left of the one you knocked on before and pick up the bottle.
  • Go back to the right and you will notice the door you knocked on before is now slightly opened.
  • Interact with it and look through.
  • Prepare for a scary scene.
  • Use arrows when they appear on screen to choose directions to run to.
  • After running away you will earn an achievement.

What. Just. Happened??

  • I just wanted to make a new friend … Not … This!!!

  • Go outside and talk to auntie sitting on the bench.

➤ Who are they? ➤ Yes, I did.

  • Talk to the boy with the blue shirt; Wen.

➤ …Something weird happened.

  • Talk to Lun the boy with orange short.

➤ Listen!

Just stop and listen to me!

  • Lun, I need you to focus!

Am I crazy?

  • Getting our story straight.

When playing as Lun:

  • Go to the 1st floor and head towards the person that signals you.
  • Talk to him and select:

➤ …Isn’t that criminal stuff?

I don’t need to get in that bad

  • Lock-Picking sounds cool… however … thanks-but-no-thanks

  • While talking to the girl select any option.
  • Go all the way to the right and you will get teleported back.
  • Repeat 3x times.

Didn’t I just …?

  • I feel like the universe is telling me something… about free toys?

  • Enter the only apartment you can, and interact with all objects.
  • Pick up the bottle after the encounter.
  • Go outside, talk to auntie and give the bottle of water.
  • Go to the 3rd floor and enter your apartment.


  • What you find out can’t hurt you… but it can scare you pretty bad…

2nd playthrough for cleanup

Now you should have all achievements except 2.

Quick walkthrough

  • Go upstairs to the first floor and enter the apartment where you picked up water.
  • Pick up the water and peak into the open door of the apartment next door.
  • Now don’t touch anything and wait.

Weird Daydream…

  • Wait….did you see that too??

  • Talk to kid with the orange clothes and pick any option.
  • Go upstairs to the 1st floor and talk to the person that signals you.
  • Select:

➤ Yes, show me…

I need to get in

  • Sure, breaking and entering isn’t good, but technically lock-picking isn’t breaking anything…

Now you can quit.

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