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Loop Hero - Quick Guide to Resources

Mar 4, 2021    

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Short Guide to Resources

There are several resources required for upgrading buildings that are somewhat obscure to get. As such I created this thread to add in the information I got on how to obtain the diffrent rare resources.

Orb of Expansion: This one is gained from putting a large amount of items onto the field and will also be gained when a tile is transformed for various reasons, such as a Village becoming a Destroyed Village, or a Destroyed Village becoming Count's Land.

Note: Can also be dropped by defeating ghoulos in destroyed villages.

Orb of Crafts: this is the shiny golden orb required to upgrade the Blacksmith. I got it from defating the Lich with ALL 8 Lich Palaces intact.

Orb of Unity. Gained this from defeating the Lich after defeating him with 1 Lich palace intact. I also had several Count's Lands on the loop, which might have contributed to it.

Important Note: So far I have managed to efeat the lich 3 times with all 8 laboaratories intact. Every Time I Got A "Rare" Orb.

Game:   Loop Hero