UNHERD – The Ultimate Guide

The following guide to UNHERD contains complete information on how to defeat the despicable Unherd. Our guide will help you learn all the basic gameplay mechanics, complete the game, find 100% of the secrets and unlock the achievements.

Starting Tips

Below you will find some of the most important tips for people starting their adventure with UNHERD:

  • You can choose between hard, medium, and easy in the difficulty settings (menu). You don’t have to choose the same settings for all levels. If, for example, you only have problems with one level, you can lower the difficulty. You can change the difficulty at any time.
  • In addition to completing the challenges, you can also explore the map. This will allow you to gain experience and learn your way to the levels easily.
  • Try to complete as many challenges as possible to get some extra hearts. They can significantly increase your chances of success in later levels.
  • If you fund the game to be too dark. You can Improve the visibility by adjusting the brightness/gamma in the menu settings.
  • Use the lights to brighten your path. The lights will respawn, so don’t worry if you went the wrong way, you can pick the light again and try another route.
  • It’s a hard game. Keep in mind that you will fail a couple of times before beating the game.

Level 2 Layout

Level 3 Layout

Level 4 Layout

Level 5 Layout

Level 6 Layout

Level 7 Layout

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