A Long Way Down – 100% Full Achievement Guide

A guide to help people reach the 100% achievements in this game.

How to Obtain All Achievements


  • Estimated achievements difficulty: 2/10
  • Offline achievements: 9
  • Online achievements: 0
  • Approximate amount of time to end all achievements: 8h if you don’t have any bugs
  • Minimum number of playthroughs: 1
  • Number of missable achievements: 0
  • Glitched achievements: 1 maybe but not certain. (The collector)
  • Does difficulty affect achievements?: No difficulty in this game

Okay, so just so you know if you plan on buying this game be aware that many people have had glitch that forced them to start over with it and losing their saves, luckily the game isn’t very long.

Some quick tips if you want to go fast

Okay first before the achievements, i’ll tell you some quick things that i’ve learned while struggling with this game.

Falchion Sword was in my opinion the best weapon in the game, or at least the best for how fast you get it, since you’ll have it once you end chapter 1-1, i’ll explain, it’s a earth elemental weapon that will increase earth elemental spell, like the attack buff and the dot once your armor is buffed which are already strong but one thing is even more, once you upgrade it to rare so basically 200 dusts powder the attack of the sword “earthshake” become an aoe instead of single target, which make it extremely good to rush through the game.

Nefi is the strongest character in my opinion as she allow you to farm dust like crazy, i used only her in my runs once i unlocked her because having dust allow you to upgrade everything and is just way too broken and another bonus is she buffs heals so…

Banishment, heals, and the card that remove negative spells on you are must have double card in your deck.

You’ll have to grind sometimes, the game is short and grindy, there is no escaping it, but if you can reach Nefi before you do (map 2-1) you’ll have a much shorter grind as she give a lot more ressources than Sam per kills.

This is simply my opinion and a quick help for people willing to end the game fast, there is probably better way to play the game, i just was able to do well this way, if you want to do it another way it’ll probably work.

Story Related [Not Missable]

You made it

  • Complete the tutorial, it’s the very first map you’ll have this one within 5mins of playing.

Escape from Damballa’s Chamber

  • After the tutorial the real game really begins and you’ll have to do 4 chapters with each 3 maps except the last one that is just one map.

There is only achievements for the first two chapters, and you’ll get this one once you end the first chapter.

Run away from Marinette’s Wallow

  • This one is awarded for ending the second chapter of the game.

Path to victory

  • Not really a story achievement but i put it with them cause you’ll have it automatically before you end the game anyway.

Those achievements you do not need to care about them you’ll have them easily as you progress, let’s go to the next part those that need you to performs diverse actions for them.

Misc [Not Missable]

Death for dummies

  • For this one, a trap have to kill you, it’s easier to do early in the game you can put the trap yourself I think it work as well, if you see an opportunity do not hesitate the game has no perma death you’ll just restart the level, very easy to do.

I’ll specify that the trap is a slabs you or the dungeon master can play so if you have bad luck it may not be in your hand whenever you want it.

The Collector

  • I personally had to restart this game for this one and it was the last one I’ve got and i thought I would be locked from the 100% before i deleted my save and erased everything to start the game anew again. This is the achievement that imo can be glitched, cause I farmed for hours and never found it, and when i restarted the game I found it after 1h of gameplay the most easily in the world.

To complete this achievement you’ll need to have:

  • Red potion (Found everywhere from the beginning mobs and chest both loot it, and many quests give it.).
  • White potion (Easier to find on the earlier levels of the first chapter).
  • Blue potion (You can find them easier on the last level of the first chapter or in the second chapter i believe).
  • Green potion (You can only find it in the three levels of the second chapter).
  • Resurrection idol (Last one i never found on my first playthrough, i found it in a chest of Marinette’s Wallow on the first map of this chapter).

All the potions are found most of the time found in chests.

DOT for everyone

  • To begin with DOT means “Damage Over Time”

And some spell like infection or sneak attack (i believe it’s the name of the spell) do that, just put those spells in your deck searchs for a fight against three mobs wait until you have three dots in your hands and it’s done, super easy achievement to do, in my opinion it’s easier to do late game when you have plenty of cards from the farming.

Keeper of Legend

  • Use Nefi to farm dust late game and upgrade your Falchion to the legendary level, or any other weapon, you might need the Falcion highly leveled to complete the game tho, as this game is grindy.

This is an easy achievement overall since Nefi make you farm dust like crazy, if you’re not willing to farm that much, the last boss of the game give you 5000 dust so you’ll be able to do it if you beat him too, even tho you might struggle without good gears against him.

Naked and marooned

  • I do not exactly know how much you can take for this one but one thing is sure, you need to equip the “Pointed Stick” that is the beginner weapon, you cannot destroy it, so you’ll always have it.

I personally had Nefi with me when I did it, both my characters had no equipment except Nefi with my Falchion and Sam with Pointed stick, I used Nefi to clear the mobs to get to the boss and then did only use Sam against the boss itself, the achievement popped once the boss died even tho I was still in fight with the monster he summon.

This achievement is easier to do late for obvious reasons, as you have more action points the more character you own.

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