A Mining Game – Hidden Achievement Guide

A short indication of the 2 hidden achievements.

How to Obtain All Hidden Achievements

The Achievements

This game has 2 hidden achievements:

  • Master of Coin: reach 1 000 000 000 000 000 000 (1e18) coins.
  • Master of Science: own 50 000 scientists.

When you hit these 2 achievements, preferably Master of Coin first, you should already long ago have reached the requirements for all the other achievements.

Why This Guide?

So, why post such a small and nearly-useless guide?

Because I got annoyed at the lack of any information on what I should aim for. And at the final stages of the game, it is an especially boring grind.

My Final Stats?

  • 15M+ mineral capacity.
  • 14+ billion in income from workers.
  • Lvl 4000+ Efficiency.
  • Lvl 4000+ Refinery.

Although I exceeded these numbers by over 100 levels each, you should stop before reaching the above. leveling them farther is a complete waste of time and effort.

Written by MKoR

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