A.V.A Global – Official FAQ

Frequently Asked Questions

Who are the developers and publishers?

  • Both the publisher and developer are Neowiz.

Where can I find the game?

  • The game can be found on Steam – wishlist now!

When is the release date?

  • Release date is August 25, 2022. Invite all your friends!

Will old accounts carry over?

  • No, old accounts will not carry over.

Can I get the Black Rose knife from Team Fortress 2?

  • No, this was a promotion previously. The new version has a different Steam ID, therefore promotions do not carry over.

Can you play the game from everywhere?

  • Yes, but a very small number of areas are unable to play:
    • Netherlands
    • Belgium
    • South Korea
    • North Korea
    • Taiwan

What anti-cheat will the game use?

  • Easy Anti-Cheat was selected. We will also take additional steps to ensure a fair gameplay environment.

Is the game Pay2Win (P2W)?

  • Nope, it is not. We have removed a lot of P2W elements from previous versions.

What are the servers?

  • Asia
  • North America
  • Europe

Where is the Code of Conduct?

Will there be new maps?

  • Of course, as the game gets updated.

Will there be new modes?

  • Yes, new modes will roll out with updates.

Will there be new items?

  • Yes, make sure to get your hands on them!

Will there be new UI compared to previous AVAs?

  • Yes. New UI has been implemented.

Could I create/join a clan with my friends?

  • Yes. You can create/join/manage a clan – bring your friends!

Is there many new players?

  • Yes! There are many new players from all over the world. In fact, there are many players who have never played AVA before; so, let’s make some friends!

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