A Violent Revelry – General Guide

General all purpose guide that I’ll hopefully do better on than last time.

Guide to Basics

Your Home Base

This is where you’ll be coming back to after a bit of travel to gain stats, make new weapons, rest, and deposit resources in case of an untimely demise.

Key features include:


  • This has four important parts. First up, you’ve got these unassuming boxes (1).
  • Those can be destroyed for that little bit of wood you’ll need to make a simple weapon and get back on your feet after a death.
  • Next, there’s the design table (2). This lets you make entirely new weapons, or at least the plans for them. To actually make the weapons you design, you take your materials to…
  • The anvil (3). Here you can view your collection of plans and, with the right materials, make them.
  • Lastly, there’s the furnace (4). This lets you turn 2 rocks into 1 metal, which is generally much more useful. You won’t use it on your first visit, but it’ll be an important stop should you make it back alive.


This room is fairly straightforward. Interact with the right box to deposit the resource, interact with the left box to withdraw it. This is the primary means of ensuring lives 2 and 3 have weapons to work with beyond a wooden quill.


You’ll find these both in your base and after some boss fights. They let you assign full levels of exp to get perks.


There are shrines to all of the gods in the game in the home base, allowing you to spend experience to gain stats. You can also gain favor by offering resources, although I suggest you not do that until you’re satisfied with your lowest stats.


Like telescopes, you’ll sometimes find these out in the world too. They let you access your full collection of spells and select which ones to bring. At the start you have only one spell, and they’re hard to come by, but you’ll get more eventually.


Among the most welcome sights, these let you heal slightly and regain a surge. If you would go over your surge limit the extra one will go off and heal you too. They can only be used once per visit and advance the time of day as well.

Travel Flags

These are the flags that mark exits from a map. Which side of the map they’re on determines where you go on the world map grid. Once you use one of these, you can’t use the corresponding flag on the next map. For example, if you exit west you can’t just turn around and immediately go east.
Important to know is that they can’t be used if anything hostile is nearby.

Whatever these pillars are

I’ll be honest, I don’t know what these are for. They’re in front of some shrines and you can get your weapon stuck in them with 100% odds, so I assume they’re for some god-related boon applied to a weapon. I’ll be experimenting with them to try and figure it out.


The upper left of the screen has a lot of information in there, so I’ll give my summary here.


When this bar stops having any red in it, you are dead.

When you get hit there’s a brief time when the lost health is visible in yellow. Using a surge during this time will restore the yellow section of your health bar.


Each piece of armor has its own durability. Here both pieces of armor I have equipped are damaged but not destroyed. If they hit zero they stop working but can still be repaired through various means.

The two I know are offering metal at a shrine and picking up particular steely drops.


This is what you use to attack, dodge, run, etc. If it hits the dark blue you can’t run, and you’re also in danger of being stunned by incoming damage.

Under the larger bar is this thin one, which indicates how long until stamina starts to recover. Whenever you use stamina, this empties completely. Once it fills back up, stamina starts filling up.


Here’s where your experience and spendable levels are shown. Even if the bar is empty, you can still spend experience from spendable levels on stats. If you spend more than is in the bar you lose a spendable level and get however much experience is left over.


This little banner counts your surges, your all purpose emergency healing and destructive shockwave. When you use one, you’re healed and emit a strong blast of force that destroys or damages most objects and pushes away enemies.


The thin yellow bar between your health and stamina represents how much noise you’re making. You can reduce this by walking on different terrain or walking slower.


Speaking of walking slower, the cap on the end of the stamina bar shows your speed. Mine is currently set to 100%, but you can use the scroll wheel to lower/restore your speed to sneak around.


This star is, as far as I can tell, the indicator of how close you are to having a status trigger on you. Whenever you take elemental damage, the centered lines move towards the corresponding point. If it reaches a point, bad things happen to you.


These little purple pips are your mana. You use the amount shown on a spell when you try to cast a spell, and if you don’t have it you take fairly significant damage.

Unsorted Advice

  • If your weapon catches fire, switch weapons to put it out.
  • Don’t dodge while attacking, you’ll drop your weapon.

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